Are You In A Food Rut?

Hormones. We tend to think about them simply as mood influencers or the regulators of our cycle. But hormones control so many more processes in our bodies.

If you’ve been a reader for long, you’ve probably read about how my thyroid went wacky after Smalls was born.  I was dealing with extreme fatigue, weight gain, and really just about much. It was rough.

Thankfully, I was able to figure out the problem – hypothyroidism, or under active thyroid. I wasn’t happy with the thought of having to take a pill for the rest of my life, so I did a TON of research and tweaking to figure out a protocol that works for me.

But I’ll be honest – sticking to my strict diet isn’t always easy. I know how much better I feel when I eat the foods my body prefers, but occasionally I get in a food rut.

Food Rut

I’m a busy lady, and I don’t have time to search Pinterest for hours looking for new recipes to spice up our meals. That’s why I was so excited to hear about the new Happy Hormone Cookbook!

This cookbook was written by Emma Ellice-Flint and Jill Keyte. Emma got her start as a chef in London and Sydney before becoming a nutritionist specializing in managing and balancing female hormones. Jill has been interested in health all her life, but after being diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age, she became determined to learn all she could about balancing her hormones.

When I was given the opportunity to interview Emma about their cookbook, I jumped at the chance!

BGF: What inspired you to write this cookbook?

Emma Ellice-Flint: The Happy Hormone Cookbook co-author, Jill Keyte, wanted to run some workshops to inspire women to live healthier, more vital lives. She approached me about being involved in a nutrition workshop, and I suggested one based around female hormone balance, since this was an area I was seeing an imbalance of in my Nutrition clinic.

Our publisher New Holland heard about the success of this workshop and commissioned us to write a cookbook based around this theme. Being both a former chef and qualified Nutritionist, I had already been writing many recipes for my clients, so it was a natural extension to write the cookbook.

BGF: What is the most important thing you wish people knew about how hormones affect their health?

EEF: Hormones affect not just fertility or period symptoms but so much of our lives and how we feel throughout it. Our bodies are one fabulous communicating mass of cells, all working hard to find balance and create vitality. When hormones are out of balance that disturbs this equilibrium and results in all different types of symptoms we might not associate with hormones.

BGF: What types of symptoms might a person with a hormone imbalance experience?

EEF: In my Nutrition clinic I see women who come in tired, anxious, sleeping poorly, foggy in the head, lacking energy, often overweight, experiencing skin issues, and period or menopausal symptoms. These can all be connected to a hormonal imbalance.

BGF: Is this book just for women or can men benefit from eating this way as well?

EEF: Men can absolutely benefit. I tested all these recipes out on my husband and adult son, who were worried that foods for female hormone balance might affect them negatively! Well the opposite was true – they thrived off them. That’s because many of these recipes are also anti-inflammatory and contain great natural fiber – good for gut health and vitality.

BGF: What can a reader expect to find in this book?

EEF: Lots of mostly gluten-free recipes that are easy to make. There are ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and drinks. Plus so much nutritional wisdom in each recipe, with inspiring comments to help you understand why the recipe is there for you. The recipes are written with females in mind for female hormone balance, but in fact all these recipes are great for the whole family.

BGF: Do you need to have a lot of kitchen experience to make the recipes?

EEF: Lots of the recipes are simple, easy-to-cook style, and fast to make. I purposely wrote the recipes that way to make it as simple as possible. For example one of the breakfast recipes is Pink Oats – a delicious mixture of oats, berries and yoghurt plus a few nuts and seeds thrown in – simple right? Yet combined together they make a nourishing and nutritious female hormone balancing breakfast made in minutes. 

A few recipes may require a little more time, and perhaps an ingredient that someone may be less familiar with or less likely to find in their local shop. However they are still so worth making, and with some planning, can easily be bought online.

BGF: What is your personal favorite recipe from the book?

EEF: Ooh that’s a hard one as they’re all great tasting, clean recipes! I think as a snack the Fig and Ginger Slice is hard to beat.  It’s sugar-free, packed full of nutritious nuts and seeds, plus it contains anti-inflammatory ginger, and lots of phytonutrients. And it tastes great too! I use it as a power-packed snack, and if I‘m making it for kids to take to school then I simply swap the nuts out for seeds. Once made, it can be cut into many portions and lasts throughout the week.

Grab a copy of the Happy Hormone Cookbook today, and start balancing the hormones in your body!

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