How to Avoid Superbowl Weight Gain

It’s Superbowl Week…and though my Steelers are not playing this year, I am excited for the game. I am not, however, excited for my annual 5 pound weight gain. Last year, I figured “it’s just one day”…and I gained 5 pounds in 24 hours. Sure, some of that was water weight…but what if you don’t stop eating? What if you (like I did) go on a straight up binge?

For those of us who struggle with binge eating disorder, events like Superbowl parties can spell disaster. Unless you’re prepared and have a good support system. It is totally possible to survive parties, celebrations, and other food-laden situations without binging all day.

Yes, it takes some prep and then being aware of your triggers. For me, that means being aware of:

  • social anxiety
  • peer pressure
  • cheese
  • chips
  • bread

Yes, seeing cheese and chips makes me want to eat them. I actually avoid having them in the house (especially since dairy and I are not friends and it’s really, really bad for my thyroid). Peer pressure and social anxiety are a whole other ballgame.

For me, it means talking to Ish before the party. Letting him know that I need gentle reminders to listen more than I talk, and to not stand near the food.

But what if you have it all under control? What if you feel like you just need to eat less?

Superbowl Weight Gain

First Things First

Eat breakfast. I know that some of you are sitting here thinking that you’re not a breakfast person. I get it. But if you have a happy (not starving) belly before you head to a party, you’re much less likely to over indulge.

Plus, studies show that consuming at least 30 grams of protein at breakfast (so fry up someĀ bacon and eggs) will suppress hunger hormones. Plus it may help to curb snacking in the afternoon.


Sleep seems to be a theme here lately. That’s because sleep is important, y’all! Being tired causes hunger hormones to surge making it more difficult to control those cravings. If you have trouble falling asleep, you might want to try one of my all time favorite apps, Sleep Genius. The appĀ helps you fall asleep and stay asleep with soothing music. It also helps you wake up gently, which is awesome. I hate a loud alarm!

Bring Lunch

Bring a large salad and dressing with you. Then you’ll have something healthy and filling to gobble up before the game even starts.

Not a salad person? Make a shake using kale, ginger, lemon, apple and a high quality grass-fed whey protein.

Healthy Options

Worried about what appetizers will show up? Help yourself by bringing your own dip to the party.

I am currently in love with this paleo ranch dip. Then just grab a veggie tray (or cut up some veggies on your own).

Or, if you want to really wow people, consider making zucchini hummus. It’s so, so good, and sure to be a hit.

While we’re talking about healthy options, be sure to fill up your plate veggies. Doing this leaves less room for the bad stuff.

And, if you find that you’ve overindulged, don’t let the week (or the day) get away from you. Acknowledge that you ate a bit too much, and then eat better at your next meal.

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