Does Whole30 Work?

I’ll never forget the day I decided to start doing Whole 30. I got up to make breakfast and realized that I couldn’t use my handy dandy coffee creamer. What was I thinking? I nearly threw in the towel. But as someone living with Hashimoto’s, I also knew that I needed to do it. A month of clean eating had to happen. And not just to prove to my husband that I could be a human without coffee (really, honestly, I can!), but also that I could eat well and not die.I wondered ‘Does Whole30 Work?’ and there was only one way to find out. 

Does Whole30 Work?

Because before Whole30, pizza was life, y’all. The crazy thing about doing a Whole30 is that you ride the emotional (and physical) roller coaster… The first time I did a Whole30 I had no idea what I was in for. I was just hoping that I would feel amazing when I got done. The second time, I was prepared. I had a plan. I would just be a hermit for a month. That’s a thing, right?


Does Whole30 Work


But Really, Does Whole30 Work?

Actually, yes it does. But I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy (because if you don’t prepare yourself it will totally one hundred percent suck). I mean, I love rice and beans, and I’m a self-proclaimed sugar addict (even three Whole30s later). Which means this girl needed to prepare for a month without my favorite things. Like pizza and Reese’s creamer and cheesecake…

This isn’t y first Whole30, and I know that it works, which means I just need to plan ahead.

My first round of Whole30, I lost 30 pounds (WOOHOO, right?!) and was interviewed for Women’s Day magazine.

Y’all. It’s not just me. This works.

But it helps if you’re a little prepared.

Batch Cook

Plan ahead. Every single day. I’m not the only one:

Set aside a few hours every week and focus on preparing individual ingredients and one or two “big batch meals”. Keep everything in separate containers and then assemble meals as needed the night before. You can’t “wing it” as easily because some food is “off limits” (source)

Like she said, you need to plan ahead.

Before I go grocery shopping I always figure out what I have on hand first, next I make a “flexible” meal plan, then I shop, finally I prepare. During the Whole30 ‘winging it’ becomes harder, so I prefer to have an actual meal plan laid out ahead of time.

Usually, this means digging through my Whole30 Cookbook and picking things that will make leftovers for a few days at a time and then we eat the leftovers for breakfast and lunch.

Plan Your Meals

Just about anything pre-made and Whole30 compliant is going to make your life so much easier.

I prepped breakfasts, lunches, and figured out our dinner menu so that we could have leftovers to keep things interesting.

Whole30 Breakfasts

We now have some awesome bacon and egg cups, mini frittatas, and even some Scotch Eggs (made with paleo-approved sausage).

Breakfast was probably the easiest meal to prep, especially since I love hardboiled eggs. Leftovers work well, too.

Whole30 Lunches

For lunch, I prepped tuna cakes, egg salad (made with Paleo Mayo), and grilled chicken with veggies.

And of course, leftovers are amazing for lunch.

Whole30 Dinners

This is where your meal planning will really help you out. I relied heavily on my books and the internet. And I made it!

Does Whole30 Work in the Long Term?

Sure. If you do Reintroduction.

While it’s great to lose weight and feel better…at some point, you’re going to want pizza again.

I know that’s not just me.

A huge part of the Whole30 process is knowing how and when to reintroduce foods. I see so many people who hit day 31 and eat all the things.

Which is going to end up making you sick. Instead, you should reintroduce foods and food groups slowly, one at a time so that you can figure out what foods your body can process…

…and which ones it can’.

Are you planning on doing a Whole30 anytime soon?

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