The 3 Things You Need For An Eco-Friendly Birthday Party

I received a sample of Aardvark Paper Straws to review. All opinions are mine (obviously).

When Smalls asked for a birthday party, I was {justifiably} terrified. What if he wanted Ponyville (this is a legitimate concern in my house, y’all!)?! What if he wanted to take everyone camping? Or fishing? Or some other variable that would be extremely difficult

But then I got over my mommy tantrum and we talked about what he wanted, and he was very specific:

  1. At the gym.
  2. A Rescue Bots theme.
  3. Lemonade.

And that was about it…until he started talking about having actual Rescue Bots. That I just couldn’t do. But I was able to come up with a pretty cool theme that was perfect for his small party, and I was able to make it relatively eco-friendly, too!

While I couldn’t get out of the Transformer plates he wanted (and believe me, I tried!), I was able to use some more eco-friendly options that he was really, really excited about.

So you want to throw an eco-friendly birthday party? Don't lose out on these 3 essentials!

Reusable Cups (and Lids!)

I love mason jars and I have a penchant for anything that looks remotely crafty or country. I just can’t help myself, y’all. So naturally, I started searching for something that had that cute mason jar feel, but wasn’t breakable and would hold a reasonable amount of liquid. I ended up settling on some super-cute BPA-free plastic jars that came complete with lids, and they were way too cute.

Everyone loved them, and the lids helped to hold the straws in place.

paper strawsPaper Drinking Straws

I have always been a tad bit skeptical of paper drinking straws. How would they hold up? And, if they did…would they feel weird or make my drink taste funny? So I decided to use paper straws by Aardvark for Smalls’ party, and they were a smashing success!!

I loved the fact that they are disposable, and they decompose. They also come in some pretty awesome prints. You can bet that you’ll be seeing my Steelers straws on Instagram once the season starts (don’t get me started on preseason!)!

All of the kids loved them, and we used both green and blue polka dots which matched the Rescue Bots colors, and his theme.

Fun Favors

felt masksI can’t be the only mom out there who hates plastic, made-elsewhere party favors, right? I honestly go to parties praying that there aren’t any favors…and none of those party blower things, either. Germs, people.

Unfortunately, Smalls was set on everyone taking home something. Favors are a favorite of his, apparently. *sigh* Knowing this, I knew I couldn’t just skip them.

But I was also determined to give away cool favors that could actually be of some use to everyone (and that wouldn’t break in 2.7 seconds). What I ended up settling on was this:

  • Masks
  • Crayons
  • Cups (+ a clean straw)

I have yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love both of those things.  But I wanted them to be special, and I wanted them to hold up. I found some amazing felt masks on Etsy that were not only handcrafted, but they were Rescue Bots. And I also found a shop that had recycled Transformer crayons! Both favors were huge hits, and the kids had a blast running around with the masks.

Overall, I call the party a success! Smalls was thrilled and didn’t want to leave (and the parents did a great job of choosing books and LEGOs in lieu of other items).

…the lemonade was organic, by the way.

Have you thrown an eco-friendly birthday party?

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