9 Fall Essential Oil Blends To Diffuse

I love fall. I honestly didn’t realize how much I loved it until I didn’t have it.

I love the sweaters, the leaves changing, the sweaters, the cider…the sweaters.

Sadly, when we moved away from Michigan to back to Texas a few years ago (before moving back to Michigan), I donated all of my sweaters, so I’m working on rebuilding my wardrobe.

Which is a lot of fun, if I’m being totally honest, and I got a few really cute things last year when we first moved.

I love unpacking my fall and winter clothes, and even though it’s supposed to be nearly 80 here today (hello second chance summer!), I decided to dig in. I mean, it’s essential shopping your own closet for free.

I started by pulling my true summer items out (bright tanks, kimonos, shorts, and flip-flops), making sure they were clean and ready to go to storage, and then I grabbed the storage Rubbermaid.

I’d totally forgotten that I packed my sweaters with cedar and some lavender sachets, and when I opened the Rubbermaid, it hit me (and it was awesome).

As I unpacked, my clothes smelled so freaking good, Y’all. I put my sweaters in their drawers (which I use for shorts and skirts in the summer), and packed away my summer things.

  Fall Essential Oil Blends

Diffuser Scents To Freshen The Home

When I was done, I wanted to recreate the scent in my diffuser (bonus that cedarwood helps me chill out), so I grabbed my oils and got to work.

I diffused that same blend of lavender and cedarwood for almost a week straight, but as the temperatures start to cool down again, I’ve begun experimenting with some of my favorite fall scents, like orange, cinnamon, clove, and all of my woodsy oils. I created some really amazing fall essential oil blends that really fit the weather and season.

I’ve had these 9 blends in my head for a while, but it took some experimenting to get them where I felt they smelled like I remembered. Now that I’ve got them pretty darn perfect, I thought I’d share in case you have the itch to diffuse some awesomeness in your home.

Fall Essential Oil Blends Perfect For Diffusing

Now, these are in no particular order, so use the ones that make you happy! All of my oils I use are through Young Living, but you are welcome to shop for different brands of oils to fit your needs!

Orange Pomander Diffuser Blend

Smell The Season Diffuser Blend

Apple Pie Diffuser Blend

Crisp Mornings Diffuser Blend

Spiced Chai Diffuser Blend

Pumpkin Pie Diffuser Blend

Falling Leaves Diffuser Blend

Autumn Spice Diffuser Blend

Wardrobe Change

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If you don’t see a scent that looks appealing to you, or you are sensitive to a certain oil (it happens), feel free to change and experiment on your own. If you come up with something awesome, I’d love to hear about it down in the comments!

What are your favorite Fall Essential Oil Blends?

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