7 Ways to use Essential Oils In Bed

I crack myself up. Y’all. Valentine’s is about a week away (I KNOW!), and I realized that beyond getting Ish a card, I really haven’t done anything. I haven’t even shaved my legs. Yes, I know it’s winter, but no excuses, right? So even though I’m not quite ready to spice things up quite yet I’m thinking about ways to use essential oils in bed. This year, rather than go out, we’ve decided to stay in…and watch Netflix. Skip right to the recipes!

7 Ways to use Essential Oils In Bed

Fun.Times. So. Instead of “just” watching Netflix, I decided to go through my oil stash and see what I could find to “spice things up.”I have to confess-I cannot believe that I’m actually writing about this. Mom. Stop reading right now.

Back to what I was saying. Last Valentine’s Day, we stayed in, too. I made dinner, like always. We put the kids to bed, like always. I worked, like always. Ish fell asleep on the couch….

So. This year I want to make up for that. It was not what I had planned. This year, I’m going to put a little bit of effort into it. And to do that, I’m going to use a few of my favorite essential oils. Do you want to know how? Keep reading…

Some essential oils have aphrodisiac qualities. That means that you can use them to improve your love life love, enhance your sex life, and even boost libido…but I wasn’t sure exactly which oils those were.

Young Living actually formulated a blend called Sensation that works to promote sensuality and sexuality in women. There’s a reason for that.

How to use essential oils in bed to spice up your love life

Using Essential Oils in Bed

So, I’ve been doing some research.  After some reading, here are some things I’ve learned about essential oils in the bedroom:

People have used essential oils in bed to increase sensuality and libido for literally thousands of years.

The idea that essential oils and sensuality go hand in hand is not new. In fact, people have been using oils for those purposes for thousands of years.

Ancient Egyptian writers and artists often created sensual images by referring to scents and fragrances in the context of sexual relationships.

Song of Songs (in the Bible) refers to scents, perfumes and anointing oils as part of its sensual imagery. Yes, it’s in the Bible, people.

Modern Essentials, 5th Edition lists ylang-ylang, clary sage, rose, geranium, cinnamon, and jasmine as oils that may promote sexual energy or increase libido.

How To Use Essential Oils In Bed

There are a number of ways you can apply and utilize essential oils…in bed. That never gets old. I’ve talked before about the types of applications you can use for essential oils, and when we’re talking about sex, honestly the applications aren’t all that different.

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In a nutshell, the most popular method is actually applying essential oils to the skin (diluted or ‘neat’).

When you’re applying the oil directly to your skin, one of my favorite ways is to wear my favorites as a kind of natural perfume.

You can add essential oils to a light carrier oil (my favorites are sweet almond oil and jojoba oil) and you get a DIY massage oil, like this one:

3 DIY Libido Boosting Massage Oil Recipes

As a general rule, you’ll want to use about 10 drops of essential oils for every 1 ounce of carrier oil. This may seem like a lot of oil, but trust me. You’ll need a 2-ounce amber glass bottle with a droppersweet almond or jojoba oil, and essential oils:

Hubba Hubba Massage Blend

Sensual Massage Blend

Stimulating Massage Blend

To make your massage oil, dispense the essential oils into your glass bottle, then add the carrier oil of your choice. Put the dropper lid on, then roll the bottle between your palms in order to blend the oils.

I prefer to use a dropper bottle for ease of dispensing, though you don’t have to. I suggest making massage oils in smaller quantities until you find blends that you really love.

Oils can also be added to a warm bath or shower, diffused or sprayed into the air, or spritzed onto bed linens.

Remember that your choice of essential oils in bed is very, very personal. Some people love floral scents, such ylang-ylang, jasmine or rose.  Others prefer energizing by spicy scents, such as cinnamon, lemon, or orange.  You’ll need to do some experimenting to figure out how to make the oils work best for you and your partner.


Now, if you’re not into massages (no judgment here…but you’re missing out!), you may want to try diffusing oils or even using them to scent your bed linens. When I’m feeling a little feisty, I’ll use my favorite pillow spray to help enhance the mood.

Boom Boom Pillow Spray

  • 25 drops Sensation blend
  • 1-ounce vodka
  • 1 ounce purified water

Grab a 2-ounce glass spray bottle, and add the essential oil blend. Next, add the vodka and purified water. Gently shake the bottle before you spray your bed linens. Spritz each pillow with 4-5 sprays and allow to dry for 5 (ish) minutes.

If you’re not quite ready to start spraying your pillows down, consider using an ultrasonic diffuser to help get a little bit of love in the air. This is one of my favorite subtle hints. Some of my favorite romantic diffuser blends are:

Sweet Nothings

All About the Bass

In the Mood

To use any of these blends, simply add the oils to your favorite diffuser.

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I have quite a few diffusers that run for up to 8 hours on the intermittent setting, making it perfect for the bedroom.

Or, you can pick up this Essential Oil Diffuser – it’s one of my favorite diffusers because it runs for up to 6 hours and blends in well with any decor.

With any of these recipes, you’ll also want to make sure you are using quality Essential Oils. Not all oils are created equal.

Many essential oils you find in stores are nothing more than fragrance.  These oils are created using synthetic substances – the therapeutic properties are not present. Always make sure you are using real quality, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Essential oils have many benefits. They can support healthy hormones, support a healthy respiratory system, support healthy fertility, and help support a feeling of love and appreciation towards your partner or spouse when they’re used correctly. So go have fun and use some essential oils in bed!

I hope that some of these recipes help you…in bed. If you are looking for more help, there’s a great book called Lucy Libido Says…..There’s an Oil for THAT: A Girlfriend’s Guide to Using Essential Oils Between the Sheets that you need to pick up.

Which recipe are you most excited to try?


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