How To Choose The Right Multivitamin For You

So, you may have noticed that I stopped posting my weekly workouts a few weeks ago…and as embarrassed as I am to admit this, I completely fell off the healthy wagon in a big way. I wasn’t able to go to Derby, and I got a new job, which was full time…and I wasn’t terribly efficient about meal planning…so we had a lot of bun-less, cheese-less Sonic Double Cheeseburgers.

And then, a few weeks ago, I felt like I’d hit a brick wall. I was tired all of the time-and I was sleeping 10-12 hours a night! And then I looked at my self-care…my poor diet, my lack of exercise.

Sure, I was keeping up with my other supplements, but I had run out of my multivitamin. Wait a second. Could that be it? I hadn’t had time to run by our local natural shop, at least that’s what I thought. Actually, I think I was putting it off. Because I was just too tired to think straight.

Thankfully, I found a great multivitamin, and I feel amazing. Seriously. I found a formula that includes B Vitamins for sustained energy and super-foods like Ginger, organic Turmeric and Chamomile*.


This made me realize that my previous vitamin just was not cutting it. It was time for a change.

There are a few things that I found I absolutely cannot live without. My vitamins have to support my active lifestyle, and my full time job.

Reduce Your Stress Level

Now, a multivitamin cannot take your stress away, but you can rest easy knowing that a quality multivitamin made with organic ingredients will help your health without you having to worry.* You should also look for a multivitamin that focuses on women’s health.

Not all multivitamins are created equal-so know what you’re putting into your body.

New Chapter Vitamins

Increase Your Energy

Be sure to look for a product that is made with organic ingredients, and contains vitamins and minerals such as iron, turmeric, and B vitamins.These support overall health and energy*.

Your multivitamin should support your active lifestyle-it should support your body, your energy, and your goals.* If you want to push yourself, you need a vitamin that is different.

Provide Immune Support

Y’all know that I loathe getting sick-like most moms. I’m just way too busy to deal with it. Thankfully, if you choose a high quality multivitamin, you should receive adequate immune support*. That’s not to say that you’ll never get sick, but I know that when I’m taking my multivitamin, my illnesses last longer and my body seems to kick the gross stuff faster.

Multivitamin Ingredients Are Important

Nowadays even our veggies are lacking in vitamins, and it takes a high quality multivitamin to make sure that we aren’t deficient. I’m not scared to supplement-no one should be! It just takes doing it the right way, and doing it regularly.

I really love New Chapter Vitamins.They ferment the individual vitamins and minerals with beneficial probiotics to transform their multivitamins into whole-food fermented nutrients.

New Chapter Vitamins

I’m currently loving their Every Woman’s One Daily Multivitamin with no synthetic fillers (and it’s gluten free!)*. It’s fermented with probiotics and whole foods – the results are nourishing supplements gentle enough to take anytime, even on an empty stomach. I generally take my vitamins before breakfast, so that is extremely important.

Plus, Every Woman’s is non-GMO Project Verified, made with Certified Organic vegetables and herbs, and are vegetarian, Kosher, and gluten free.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, care, or prevent any disease.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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