Is BPS The New BPA? New Research {And Better Choices}

When the boys were born, I made sure that any plastic was BPA-free. Remember all the drama about the harm caused by BPA? And then it was banned in 2012.

Is BPS The New BPA? New Research {And Better Choices}

But companies are still making plastic bottles, cups, and using it in packaging. Turns out, that the most commonly used replacement for BPA, BPS (Bisphenol S), may also be dangerous. Fantastic.

Research shows links to heart arrhythmia, accelerated neural growth, and accelerated embryonic development.

And we wonder why our kids are sicker.

Additional research is being done, and the findings aren’t telling us to eliminate plastics from our lives entirely, though if you want to, there are plenty of great alternatives to the most commonly used products.

Thankfully, we’ve tried to transition away from plastics as much as possible in my house, though I’ll be first to admit I have not been 100% successful. This research is the kick in the pants I needed. Sure, those recycled milk jug plates are cute…but they’re plastic.

As of yesterday, both boys have started using my Fiestaware plates and bowls. They’re heavy, and will take a beating. In fact, in the 10+ years that I’ve had my Fiestaware, I’ve only broken two dishes. TWO. Not too shabby.

The baby frequently dumps my plates into the sink to “help”, and they’re holding up. But what about other things that we take for granted-like storage bags, bottles….

11 Ideas To Help You Avoid BPS & BPA

  1. Nattersutten Pacifiers are made of natural rubber.
  2. Pura bottles are stainless steel and silicone (and easy to clean).
  3. Pura sippy cups are also favorites around here.
  4. I love my Sigg water bottle, though you may prefer a glass water bottle with a silicone sleeve.
  5. Sage Spoonfuls makes awesome glass baby food storage.
  6. Ice Pops and Popsicles are easy to make and eat using these silicone molds.
  7. Stainless steel bento boxes are great for lunches.
  8. The silicone Baby Banana teether is cute and one of the boy’s favorites.
  9. Use a wool mattress pad instead of a plastic sheet to stop leaks.
  10. Look for natural wood toys like the ones made from Haba and Plan.
  11. Pyrex is a great alternative for leftovers.

What do you think of the new research on BPS?

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