Lavender Lemon Lip Balm Tubes

I am loving the cooler weather…but my skin is definitely not.

I have been making all kinds of skin-loving concoctions in the past few weeks because it’s gotten really dry.

And it’s getting worse. I don’t love the dry winters here in Michigan, but I’m learning to manage them.

This year, instead of being reactive, I’m going into winter with an idea of what to expect, which also means I know what I need to have on hand.

Topping the list are body scrubs, lip scrubs, a heavy-duty moisturizer, and a ton of lip balm. Lots and lots of lip balm.

It may be just me, but I feel like my lips are the first thing to dry out. It’s like nature just sucks the moisture right out of them. Which means more exfoliation and even more lip balm.

I tend to run through tubes of balm far faster than I ever thought possible-which is totally okay because I actually really like making it (and I love that I can change the scent and “taste” whenever I feel the need).

I also give the boys their own tubes of balm because they also get super dry, chapped lips (ouch!). They informed me that this recipe isn’t their favorite, but they know I love the combo of lemon and lavender (and I had a whole bowl of lemons to use up!), so they’ll deal with it.

They did request that I make a chocolate balm next (we’ll see!).

Lavender Lemon Lip Balm

Lavender Lemon Lip Balm Tubes

Ingredients for Lavender Lemon Lip Balm

How To Make Lavender Lemon Lip Balm

Gather two glass mixing bowls, a double boiler, fine mesh sieve or strainer, lip balm tubes, and any other utensils you may need.

how to make lip balm with lemon juiceUsing a double boiler, gently melt the shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and beeswax.

lemon lip balm diyStir continuously until the mixture is fully melted, then add the lemon zest.

Gently stir to combine.

lemon lip balm diyRemove the mixture from the heat, and gently pour your mixture through the strainer to remove the lemon zest.

Whisk in our organic beeswax, and immediately begin pouring your mixture into the lip balm tubes. I found that using a glass measuring cup with a spout and a funnel was the easiest way to do this.

Allow your lip balms to cool and set for 24 hours, then you’re good to go!

lavender lip balm recipeIf you’d prefer to pot your lip balm, feel free to do so – I just find that it ends up making more of a mess when I use pots versus twist up applicators. Also, check out my orange sugar scrub!

Do you like lemon lavender lip balm?

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