Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub

It’s almost 50 degrees today, and I could not be more terrified. My legs and arms haven’t seen the sun in what feels like years. Yes, I know that’s dramatic, but for this Texas transplant, it feels that way. Skip to the orange coconut sugar scrub recipe.

Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub

I knew I needed to get myself all buffed and exfoliated…and while I do dry brush daily, it’s not quite the same as hopping in the tub with a delicious sugar scrub.

Now, I could totally head over to the store and buy a “natural” sugar scrub… But they are incredibly easy to make, and you can scent sugar scrubs to suit your tastes and the seasons.

This time around, I went with orange and coconut because it smells like spring.

The best part? The boys can help me make this in under 5 minutes, and it uses ingredients that I already have in the house.

I keep a plastic container of this in my shower and a glass jar next to my sink-if you’ve never used a sugar scrub on your hands after you wash them, you’re missing out (trust me-try it!!).

orange coconut sugar scrub

Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub

Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub

Add your coconut oil to a bowl, and gently blend. Add the sugar 1/8 cup at a time, stirring to combine.

If you’re making a larger batch (which is usually what happens around here), I highly recommend using a stand or hand mixer. It makes things so much faster.

Add your favorite essential oil and stir to fully combine.

How to make Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub

Store your sugar scrub in an airtight container out of direct sunlight.

The scrub should last a couple weeks in storage, but I am betting you’ll use it up before then.

Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub

Will you make yourself some orange coconut sugar scrub to exfoliate?


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