No-Fail Breakfasts for School Mornings

School mornings are tough…but when you add a kid who has decided that being up early is only for the weekend, they can be downright stressful. Smalls has decided that he would much rather sleep than be up bright and early…and while that would normally be a good thing, it slows down my very independent, semi-bossy child. Breakfasts for school mornings are tough in our house.

No-Fail Breakfasts for School Mornings

I mean, I’d love to help, but he’d much rather do it himself. This means that I’ve devised some sneaky ways that I can make getting him ready for school faster (go mom!) and still give him his independence.

No-Fail Breakfasts for School Mornings

Which means that breakfasts for school mornings are a bit of a headache…or they were.

Recently, I’ve started to prep breakfast foods ahead of time so it’s literally a grab and go situation when it’s time for him to eat.

Because let’s face it, I can barely get dressed, feed myself, brush my teeth, and pack a lunch without help…so it’s totally okay for me to give my 7-year-old a little help…right?

As long as he doesn’t realize I’m helping, that is.

Our biggest source of stress right now is breakfast. About a month ago Smalls began to take an avid interest in cooking…and that definitely has not slowed down.

The problem happens when he is trying to cook and get ready for school. It just does not seem to work. Instead, he helped me plan some fun and easy breakfast ideas that will expedite the morning routine, and that he can “cook” himself.

No-Fail Breakfasts for School Mornings

Overnight Oats

I am a huge, huge fan of overnight oats, and when I make a jar, I usually have to plan on sharing. Which makes this make-ahead breakfast the perfect thing for my kiddo to “cook” the night before. 

The best part about overnight oats is that the base recipe is super adaptable, so it’s one of those foods that you can tweak and repeat day after day.

As long as you have bananas, milk (we prefer flax milk), chia seeds, and vanilla you are good to go. You can mix and match add-ins to create so many different flavors.

Currently, we are loving these quick and easy overnight oat recipes:


Smoothies are another huge winner in the breakfast column, and both kids love them. We honestly don’t have a favorite smoothie, but we do have quite a few that are constantly in the rotation (and Smalls can add the ingredients in a flash).

No-Fail Breakfasts for School Mornings

Smalls can blend these himself while I supervise, and they’re drinkable, which means they’re in his belly in mere minutes (and if you’ve ever seen a kid get ready for school, you know every minute counts!).

Try one of these winners:

If you don’t have time to put the fresh ingredients in your blender because of a super rushed morning,  you can use a simple smoothie pack and add your favorite milk for a 10-second breakfast (literally!). 


My kids love cereal. If given a choice of something else and cereal, they’ll almost always pick cereal over just about anything else.

I can’t really blame them, it’s one of my favorites, too.

Breakfasts for School Mornings

Probably because they can serve themselves, and when you have two really, really independent little people being self-sufficient makes all the difference.

We’re currently loving our homemade granola and Cheerios.

Egg Muffins

I originally started making egg muffins for myself, but then the kids discovered how delicious they were. I make egg muffins in batches and then freeze them for fast and easy breakfasts.

Breakfasts for School Mornings

You can add just about anything to them, but these are our favorites:

Obviously, there are a ton of other options as well, but these are our family’s current favorites!


What are your go-to breakfasts for school mornings?

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