Meal Planning Saved My Marriage (Letting Go Of Excuses)

So we all know that I broke my leg playing roller derby, right? Right. Of course I broke it on a Thursday, which mean that there wasn’t a lot of food in the house, since I generally have just enough to make it to Sunday. We eat fresh foods. Suddenly, I wasn’t able to cook dinner. I could barely walk let alone stand.

You really should consider meal planning. It's really a great tool! Join me later this month for a workshop!

On Friday, a friend messaged me and asked me how my leg was and asked if I needed help with meals. Why yes, yes I do. But we’re tricky. My family is gluten free, dairy free, and predominantly paleo. There are a few people that i know locally who follow a similar eating philosophy…but not many.

And it’s not as if we can have “a little.” Due to both Ish and my thyroid issues, we need to avoid both dairy and gluten like the plague. Now, I’m not completely crazy-I mean, I searched high and low (okay, okay, Ish did) for gluten free, dairy free Halloween candy.

We try to eat clean, but I also don’t believe in being deprived-myself or my kids. So a little candy that falls semi-in-line with our diet is okay once in a while in my world.

I don’t have time.

Back to meal planning. When Smalls was born, my mom came down and stocked out freezer. She did it again when The Baby arrived-and it was great…for the month it lasted. But I also remember the mess. The time…y’all-it literally took hours for us to find the meals, make the list, and then prep everything. HOURS.

I don’t have that kind of time. And I’m guessing you don’t either. I needed meals that could feed us, be safe to eat, and (most importantly), make my kids ask for leftovers. Though the driving factor was the we can’t eat Sonic for months on end…or scrambled eggs. I love my hubby, but he only has a few tricks in his culinary bag.

But being able to shop and get everything I need? It just wasn’t going to happen. I have a broken leg. Me on crutches is a disaster. I mean, I am a pretty good cook…but I don’t generally have a stocked freezer full of meals.

It won’t taste fresh.

I used to think that meal planning meant food that was par cooked or pre cooked…in other words, not fresh. It just didn’t sound good! And most of the meals I was able to find that fit our dietary restrictions were either soups our stews. Now, I love a good soup, I’m a huge fan of chili, but I also love actual meals-grilled meat, chicken wings, shrimp…. But I honestly thought there was no middle ground.

Either you were in the camp who ate grilled chicken and broccoli every night, or you ate soup (or the occasional crock pot roast or something.

You know what I found out? When I planned haphazardly, I didn’t have time, and it didn’t taste fresh. What I discovered was this:

I was approaching meal planning all wrong.

I didn’t know there was a better way, until I attended my first meal planning workshop. I showed up with some ziplocks full of meat (10 of them, actually) and measuring cups/spoons. You know what? I left 45 minutes later with a car full of food and enough leftover seasonings to prep an additional week’s worth of food!

And those meals? Well, they saved my marriage. Because of my leg, I can’t stand over the stove for very long, let alone prep with the kids underfoot (tried it and almost broke my other foot!). And this, my wonderful readers, is why I’m hosting a workshop.

Because I promise you that meal planning is really, really simple…if you want it to be.

meal planning made easy

Come hang out with me and make some food!

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