How to Not Screw Up Your Whole30 Reintroduction

So, you busted through your Whole30 and you’re so SO proud of yourself! Some days it was a struggle and you wanted to kill all the things, and some days you felt on top of the world like a complete BADASS. And some days you cursed the name of Melissa Hartwig, the Whole30 Headmistress, for all the dishes you had to do! I’m celebrating with you and I’d high five ya if I could!

You’ve probably lost weight, experienced a TON of Non-Scale-Victories, and learned things about yourself that you didn’t know before. You had way more energy (helloooo, Tiger Blood!), your jeans fit better on like, day 4, than the last 5 years. You can’t wipe the smile off your face and you’re just happier now!  Also, you figured out that cutting out bread was actually no big deal and you didn’t die! Wins were all over the place! 😉

I love it, I love it, I love it all!

As a Certified Whole30 Coach, I get a front row seat to all the wonderful Whole30 wins that my clients and our community experience, but something we don’t always talk about is the stress and anxiety some of us feel when it comes time for Reintroduction.

Now, if you haven’t done a full Whole30 (Here’s how to start your Whole 30 Journey), reintroduction is where you systematically add back the foods you refrained from during those 30 days. You can do it as you want and as it’s worth it to you (The Slow Roll), or you can follow a plan to do it all in 10 days (The Fast Track).

Lots of people worry that they’ll take one bite of toast and they’ll gain all their weight back, or they’re worried they’ll GO NUTS without a shred of self-control! Neither of those has to be your reality, so I’ve put together a little somethin’ to help!

Here are three tips for a successful and stress-free Reintroduction!

whole30 reintroduction

Don’t go wild!

Pump the brakes, take a deep breath, and pick your Reintroduction Plan (The Slow Roll or The Fast Track), and then stick to it! You did this for 30 days, you can do it now, I promise!

As you begin, make sure you’re really listening to your body and evaluating how each food makes you feel. Are you bloated? How is your sleep? Are you cranky as hell after 3 solid weeks of almost euphoric good moods?

Your body will tell you what foods are a-ok, and which ones should be limited.

Which that brings us to point #2…

There are no good or bad foods

The strict rules of the Whole30 rules can be comforting and that’s ok.

Muffin? No, thanks! Honey in your coffee? I’m ok. Wine? I’m fine for now! But remember, it’s the Whole30, not the Whole365! We live in the real world, and sometimes, it WILL be worth it to have those things.

We live in a time where certain foods are demonized (sorry about your bad luck, gluten!) and certain ways to eat have become moral issues.

The right way to eat is the way that makes YOU the most confident, the most powerful, and the happiest. And that’s because the world NEEDS you just like that!

When you shine, you use your unique talents to make your world, everything you touch, a better place. And that’s why you eat that way, not because somebody else said you should or shouldn’t.

You know better now

That might sound daunting, but I want you to find comfort in it too! You’ve learned SO MUCH about yourself, your life, your habits, and your family, and some of these discoveries are completely unrelated to food, but they were still huge!!

For example, I noticed how much more FUN I had with my two kids when I finished a Whole30. I was more open to going to the park (literally my least favorite mom requirement, lol) and I actually enjoyed it, we had sweeter snuggles at bedtime, and I was excited to sit and talk to them! If you’ve ever heard a 3-year old tell a story, you know how hard that last one can be!

One of my favorite sayings is, “when you know better, you do better,” and now, you know better.  You know how food makes you feel, and you KNOW it’s worth it to eat (and not eat!) certain things.

You’re not giving anything up forever, because you’re a grown-up, and nobody can REALLY tell you what to do. So these decisions are all yours, and the consequences? Those are yours, too.

So, when you indulge, enjoy every single totally-so-dang-worth-it-bite! And when it’s not, then a simple, “No, thanks!” does the trick almost every time.

I promised you three, but here’s one last (and super important one!).

Love, Not Restriction

Do all of the things we talked about out of LOVE for yourself, not out of restriction.

You’re not going to eat Starburst gummies at 2 pm every day anymore because you know they give you a 6 pm sugar crash just in time for the bedtime shitshow and now you’re on the verge of screaming every 5 seconds. And then you crawl into bed, dripping with guilt for your part in a bad bedtime routine.

So hear me when I say that there are NO bad foods, and you’re not bad for indulging in them, ever. But LOVE yourself and choose the ones that start GOOD things for you, not the ones that leave you with less than when they showed up all sexy in the form of your office manager’s candy bowl.

I’m so proud of you for taking on the Whole30, making it to Reintroduction, and for all the great choices you’ve laid a strong and powerful foundation for!

In many ways, this will change your life in ways you will continue to discover for months and years to come!

Are you ready for an introduction?

I’m Kirsty and I believe in the perfect balance between Netflix and cupcakes and a good salad and sweat session! I started my paleo journey after a medical diagnosis, but I’m so grateful for all the unexpected and wonderful things that paleo has done for my family and I. I own Paleo Folks, where it’s my obsession to help you make your paleo journey easy and fun! And yes, there are almost always cupcakes.

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