Weekly Workouts: Weeks 8 & 9 {It’s DISNEY Week!}

Time to share my how I have been working out for the past week!

Did y’all miss me? I sure missed you! Disney was a blast, but I have to admit that I honestly didn’t eat as well as I could have. I am guilty of using vacation as an excuse to eat whatever…which wouldn’t have been an issue with the amount the boys walked. But since I’m on…

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21 Must-Know Disney World Secrets

Going to Disney World? Then you need to know these secrets before you go!

I am SO excited to introduce Leah-she is going to share her Disney World secrets with us! (She’s a Disney genius, y’all.) My name is Leah. I blog for The Calico Cat, where I talk about beauty, college life, food and the occasional fashion pick or DIY project. However, today I am switching gears completely.…

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The Insider’s Guide to Disney Rides For Kids

Are you headed to Disney? Find out which Disney rides are appropriate for young kids!

You may not have heard (if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you wouldn’t have) that Smalls was granted his Wish for Disney! We’re heading to Florida later this year, and I have been blessed to get some great advice from my fellow bloggers (including which Disney rides are okay for small kids!). Today, Christina…

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