15 Tips for Waking Up Happier Each Day

Are you a morning person?

I’m still undecided!

If you said yes, then this article might not be for you.

I know that many of us struggle to wake up and get our days going each day.  With the sheer volume of responsibilities that we have and items to mark off of our to-do list each day, it’s a wonder any of us can even see straight.

I get it, but did you know that if you are able to wake up happier in the mornings, these busy, hectic days can flow better and maybe, just maybe, you can ease some of the stress that has always got you tied in knots?

Here are 15 tips for waking up happier each day that y’all can follow to start making a change in your daily routine.

tips for waking up

Prepare the night before.

Pack your lunch, set out your clothes, etc.  Having these things already done makes for a less stressful morning.

Clean the night before.

Each night before bed spend a few minutes straightening up the house to prevent seeing it messy upon wake up.

Go to bed earlier.

Make it a goal to get to bed an hour earlier than you usually do so that you can get more sleep.  Start in 15-minute increments.

Don’t go to bed on a full stomach.

Eat dinner several hours before bedtime for a more solid night’s rest.

Journal at night.

Each night, write down a list of your accomplishments for the day and a to-do list for the next day.  Getting those thoughts onto paper helps start the next day fresh.

Wake up and stretch.

Stretch out your muscles and get those endorphins moving.

Eat breakfast.

Okay,  this one won’t make you happy on the first day, but be sure to carve out enough time to eat a healthy breakfast.  It will make a huge difference in your day.

Do not hit the snooze button.

I know those extra few minutes sound dreamy, but don’t do it, you will wake up feeling even more tired.

Change your alarm tone.

Do you use your phone’s alarm to wake you up?  Why not change your alarm tone to mix up your routine a bit.

Don’t turn on the TV.

If you wake up and turn on the TV you will likely either waste time watching something unimportant or you will get sucked into the stress of the morning news.  Neither is ideal for a happy, productive day.

Put your phone down.

Wake up and start your day without checking your social media or email.  Go unplugged for a little while each morning and see how that makes you feel.

Crank up your favorite playlist.

Turn on your favorite music to get your day started right.  Although you may need to use headphones if the rest of the family is still sleeping.

Wake up earlier.

Wake up earlier than normal and enjoy a little bit of quiet time before the hectic day begins.

Sit down to enjoy your coffee (or tea).

Whatever drink you start your day with, sit down and enjoy that first cup.


Always work to fit in your recommended exercise throughout the day, it will help you sleep at night.


Do y’all have any of your own tips for waking up happier every day?

Share your tips in the comment below!

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