Do You Know The Age of Your Heart?

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This is a sponsored post written about Henry Ford Health Heart Risk Assessment. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Have you ever stopped and wondering about the true age of your heart? While you may know your physical age, your heart age can actually vary depending on your overall health!

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Before educating myself about the true age of my heart, I always just assumed my heart was the same age that I was. But in all reality, I never really knew that with certainty. Watching my father have a heart attack and losing my grandfather to a heart attack, it was a true eye-opener.  Thanks to Henry Ford Health System, I could see what my heart age was!

Finding Out The Age of Your Heart

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Where to Take Assessment for Heart Age

Head over and take heart health assessment heart health assessment (just 5 minutes!) and see what your heart age is! Don’t stress. Finding out the age of your heart actually isn’t a long process. (No going to the doctor’s office required!). I can’t help but put my hearts age into the context of real-life events…16 years old means my heart can drive, 21 years old means my heart can vote…you totally see where I’m coming from, right?!

Once I found out the true age of my heart, I was then able to assess how I was going to make it stronger for the rest of my time on Earth. After all, without a strong heart there isn’t a good outcome…right?

And while my heart’s age was good, I know it could be better. And while I know this isn’t like a score on a test, I’ve taken a personal vow to make my heart reflect a good “score” for me and my lifestyle.

heart healthWhy Is It Important

For my home, we have been aware of heart health as we lost my grandfather to a heart attack when I was young. My father also had a heart attack at a younger age. That made me aware that life is precious and caring for our health overall was important. That is why you see me talking about exercise and diet on my blog because they are a part of the equation to healthy vascular health.

Age doesn’t matter, it is how we care for our bodies to see what the true age of our heart is. I have an arrhythmia, so it is something I am always trying to be aware of. I loved seeing my personal results after taking the Heart Health Assessment.

finding out age of your heartHow will I take care of my heart moving forward?

According to the heart health assessment, eating healthy is a big component of helping your heart stay “young”. And while I do tend to eat healthily, there’s always room to improve!

I’m going to cut out even more sweets and fried foods and instead replace them with fruits and vegetables that are the color of the rainbow. With summer literally right around the corner, I know that this is totally doable because of all that garden fresh food.

exercise for heart healthThe Proof is in the Research

Being heart healthy isn’t a new concept. In fact, the skilled experts at Henry Ford Heart & Vascular Institute truly believe that the best way to care and take care of your own heart begins with your own lifestyle and actions. (and they know what they’re talking about! Their institute is considered one of the most experienced heart programs in the nation!)

One other thing that they believe? Not every heart is the exact same. You need to know how you can best take care of your heart. Not all hearts are the same size (the Grinch is the perfect example, right?!) so finding out how to treat your heart in a way that compliments you and your lifestyle is key.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to find out the heart health assessment? Don’t worry, it’s a painless process, I promise. And the information that you receive will help you assess the areas in your daily life that you can improve to also improve the health of your heart!

This is a sponsored post written about Henry Ford Health Heart Risk Assessment. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Did you take the test to find out the true age of your heart?

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