Benefits Of Himalayan Salt

Guess what? Today we’re going to talk about the benefits of himalayan salt. Now, this salt is not the kind that you likely grew up with on the dinner table-I’m talking about actual, unrefined, mineral rich salt. Y’all. Salt (the good kind) does so many amazing things for your body!

Benefits Of Himalayan Salt

Now, we’re not talking about refined salt today (you know the one), in fact, refined salt may actually be doing more harm than good inside you. Want to know the worst of it? In order to make table salt resist the reabsorption of moisture, salt manufacturers (like Morton) add chemicals to their salt.

These Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Might Surprise You!


These chemicals include desiccants and bleaches. Talk about unappetizing! To make matters worse, after all of that meddling, table salt can no longer blend or combine with your body’s fluids (one of the primary functions of salt-and necessary for proper health).

This causes all kinds of problems, including imbalanced metabolism, water retention, kidney, and blood pressure problems. And it’s not just the salt in that cute round container. It’s in so many processed foods. Obviously, the benefits of himalayan salt have got to be better than this, right? Luckily, they are. They are way better.

Fun fact: natural sea salt contains as many as 92 different minerals-all of which are beneficial to your body and your health.

I’m completely obsessed with himalayan salt. Aside from the fact that it’s pink (obviously), I’ve tried other types of sea salt and they just don’t make me to my happy dance. Now, I have friends who love Celtic salt and black sea salt, but me? I will stick to my pink goodness, and here’s why:

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

When you consume natural sea salt, you get a whole host of wonderful things that begin to happen:

  1. Himalayan salt allows liquids to freely cross body membranes, blood vessels walls, and the glomeruli in your kidneys.
  2. If the natural salt concentration rises in your blood, the salt will combine with the fluids in the neighboring tissues.
  3. Natural sea salt allows your cells to derive more nourishment from the enriched intracellular fluid.
  4. Healthy kidneys can remove the natural saline fluids without a problem.
  5. Natural sea salts are essential to help keep the fluid concentration in your body balanced.

In addition to these major benefits, natural, unrefined salt assists your body in some really awesome ways:

  • Proper sodium levels encourage positive sleep patterns (which can help you maintain a healthy weight).
  • Natural salt can help to regulate blood pressure.
  • If you have an irregular heartbeat, natural salt can help regulate it.
  • Saline helps to regulate blood sugar.
  • Salt can help with congestion (it’s a natural antihistamine!).
  • Natural salt can help with bone density.
  • Saline can help prevent gout and possibly arthritis.
  • Proper sodium levels help maintain a healthy libido.
  • Saline is thought to keep varicose and spider veins at bay.
  • Salt can help reduce or eliminate muscle cramps.

Those are a lot of really great reasons to trade our your boring table salt for something a bit more colorful, wouldn’t you say? You can add a dash of salt to most everything-I have a salt box that lives on my counter and I just take a small pinch when I’m in the kitchen and add it to my smoothies, drinks, shakes, and more. It’s also awesome if you’re someone who loves a good marinade.

Until you’ve used himalayan sea salt for a bit, you may not notice the difference-do me a favor and give it time. Your body needs to adjust to using the high quality nutrients you are now giving it!

Did you know a simple switch could do so much?

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  1. Samantha on January 7, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    Wow! I actually just recently switched to himalayan salt a couple of weeks ago because I’d heard it was better for you, but I never bothered to look up why. That’s really interesting 🙂

    • Brea on January 7, 2016 at 3:08 pm

      Isn’t it??

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