Endurance Events For Charity Are Worthwhile

Every year, millions of Americans slip on their good pair of running shoes, grab a water bottle and head out to participate in an athletic fundraising event.

From walking to running to cycling, endurance events have become a primary source of funding for many high-profile charities in the United States, and for foundations around the world.

Endurance Events For Charity Are Worthwhile!

Benefits of Endurance Events

Obviously, one of the primary benefits of endurance events is encouraging physical fitness and good health. If you want to be a regular participant in athletic fundraising events, or even if you do a walking, running or cycling event as a one-off, you want to be sure you are healthy and able to participate in the event without a problem.

Financially, endurance events are beneficial to the charity in a number of ways. They allow you as an individual to raise money for charity through multiple donors or sponsors, rather than just a single contribution.

You can also target your support; for example, in addition to a cancer online donation, you can participate in an endurance race to raise money for leukemia and lymphoma research.

Athletic fundraising events also bring a lot of media attention to the charity, encouraging more people to participate in future events, and encouraging them to lend support.

Finally, the tee shirts, lanyards, sports bottles and other items that are produced with the event and charity logo also bring in revenue, and keep the cause in the public eye whenever they are used year-round.

Walking (+ Running + Cycling) For A Cure

Many of the most familiar endurance events for charitable causes are related to curing chronic and life-threatening diseases and conditions. Walking events, 5-K runs and cycling events benefit foundations and charities for multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, and cancer.

Endurance events related to cancer are some of the most common, with a number of events occurring year-round in the United States and around the world.

Pancreatic cancer, leukemia, myeloma, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer are some of the specific types of cancer that are connected to endurance events. Many of the participants are survivors of the specific type of cancer, know a survivor, or may have lost someone to that form of cancer.

The Pros & Cons Of Endurance Events For Charity

Of course, one of the primary pros of organizing an athletic fundraising event is that you can raise more money for your charity than you could on your own.

Endurance events and athletic fundraisers also give you the opportunity to make a statement about and effectively demonstrate against your adversary, whether it be Severe Aplastic Anemia, cancer, MS, diabetes, et cetera.

On the downside, it costs money to organize an event such as this, meaning that most charities net only about 50% of the money they collect for the event.

Participating in an endurance event for your favorite charity is a great way to get fit. You spend time with others who are interested in supporting a shared cause.

You bring positive attention to those suffering with a disease or condition, and you help them raise more funding for more research, better treatments, and a future cure. All are worthwhile reasons for participating in an endurance event for charity.

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