16 Yummy Paleo Chili Recipes

It’s definitely winter, Y’all. That has me dreaming of whipping up savory and yummy paleo chili recipes. Nothing warms up the bones like a good chili on an extra cold day. 

Don’t believe me? The forecasted high today is 14 degrees. FOURTEEN DEGREES.

Let that sink in for a second.

That means that it’s well below freezing, which means I’m craving some stick-to-my-ribs food.

Like chili. Oh, how I love a good bowl of chili on a cold day.

…now, Ish and I have opted to eat paleo the majority of the time. Which sucks when you want chili.

Because chili usually has beans. Which means I’m out of luck unless I get creative…then I remembered the beauty of the internet and how much I love, love, love Pinterest.

Here are a few favorite Paleo Recipes to try as well

Did you know that there are about a million paleo chili recipes out there (well, maybe not a million, but pretty close, I’d say!)?

I spent a few hours minutes scrolling through and saved the ones that looked too good to pass up.

Paleo Chili Recipes

16 Paleo Chili Recipes

Are you following a specific diet that has you missing some of your favorite foods?

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