Surviving Summer With Kids

So. I have kids (in case you weren’t aware). And while I normally talk about getting healthy and my focus on healthy habits…today we are going to take a little bit of a different view. See, it’s summer. Which means there’s no school.

Which means we are heading to the park, the splash pad, playdates, the beach and even the occasional trip to the store (horror of horrors). In fact, I kind of feel like we live in my car this year. I mean, I know I don’t, but it feels that way.

Now, I love my kids, and I always make sure that we have sunscreen, bug spray, changes of clothes, snacks…for them. For me? I usually leave the house feeling like I’m barely hanging on. And today, I completely forgot to eat.

But we were heading to the beach, and since I was almost out of gas, rather than turn around and drive home, I decided to multi-task.

I found a 7-Eleven and filled up my tank…then I did something that I always dread. I went into the store to get something to eat. Now usually this presents a huge issue. Normally all I find in convenience stores are candy, candy, and more candy. But today I hit the absolute jackpot, y’all.

survive summer

Today, I found one of my all-time favorite brands: Quest Nutrition.

In a 7-Eleven. Let that sink in for a minute.

Y’all. Quest Beyond Cereal Bars are now available at 7-Eleven.

I hadn’t seen the Beyond Cereal Bars before, but this mama was getting hangry, and I honestly haven’t found a bar by them that I didn’t love. So obviously I grabbed each and every flavor. I was pleased to see that Quest had far more protein, fewer carbohydrates, and way less sugar than other “cereal” bars that were available.

If you haven’t stopped by 7-Eleven lately, be sure to stop in for a convenient, healthy breakfast bar.

surviving summer

For me, that’s a no-brainer. And the Quest Beyond Cereal Bars are gluten free. They’re made from protein, y’all! that means that I got the sweet, satisfying crunch that I have seriously missed from traditional cereal bars without the guilt.

I mean, with flavors like waffle, cinnamon roll, and chocolate…how could I say no? And, I made sure to stock up so that I wouldn’t get caught empty handed again. And, as soon as we got home from a super fun day at the beach, I made a simple kit for the car to make sure that this mama doesn’t go hungry again (because no one wants to see me lose my cool).

In my kit, I included some essentials for the short (hour or less) car trips that we seem to find ourselves on:

  • Quest Beyond Cereal Bars (in all the flavors-don’t judge)
  • A shaker bottle and baggies of Quest protein powder
  • 8 bottles of water (there are 4 of us, so 2 bottles per person)
  • Freeze dried fruits & veggies individually bagged for snacking
  • Road bingo printables
  • A change of clothes for everyone
  • Swimsuits
  • A cotton sports towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunglasses for each kid (they’re always losing theirs)

I put everything into a tote that I had sitting in the back of my car (empty! Can you believe it?!) and I can’t wait to test it on our next mini road trip.

What are your summer survival tips?

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