Tips for Losing Weight

Let’s get real for a minute, friend. I originally started this blog as a way to track my weight loss journey because I wanted to be a mom, but I wanted to be a healthy mom (at least I tried, right?). I wanted to help share tips for losing weight on what I found that helped, and what didn’t.

Tips for Losing Weight

When I first started BreaGettingFit, I was right around 185 pounds, and I knew that I needed to get down to a healthy weight to be able to stay active during my pregnancy. And so I tracked everything. What I ate, how I slept, when I worked out…my cycles…everything.

I never expected anyone but I and a handful of friends to read it. But then I actually lost the weight – nearly 50 pounds, and I noticed that my readers were starting to pay attention. Like, really pay attention.

And then I got pregnant. Which is awesome. That’s what I wanted, right?

To lose the “extra” weight that I’d put on with late-night glasses of wine and copious amounts of fondue (I blame the person who got us the electric fondue pot as a wedding present).

I was over the moon…but I was tired. Suddenly getting up at 5:00 a.m. to head to the gym just wasn’t all that important. Sure, I tried to keep up with my workouts, but anyone who has built a human will tell you, it’s tiring. I was tired. All the time.

Eight hours of sleep just wasn’t cutting it. And I was craving tater tots. Lots and lots of tater tots.

And I gained a lot of weight. All the weight that I’d gained came back with a vengeance, and it just kept coming.

I wasn’t worried, I knew how to lose the weight…before. Before I was bone tired and up all night with a baby. But that shouldn’t matter…right?

Y’all. Losing the baby weight is hard. And I’m still working on it.

I lost part of the “OG” baby weight before I had The Baby…but not all of it, and when I left the hospital, I topped out at 231 pounds. I’m 5’4″ and I weighed 225 when I went in for delivery.

The Baby just turned 4, and it wasn’t until this past year that I really started to try to lose weight again.

Why? I honestly don’t know. I do know that I’m still tired.

I’m telling you this to give you some perspective because of the tips I’m about to share. These tips are what have helped me go from 235 pounds (yup, I added 4 more between coming home with the baby and his 3rd birthday) to 195 pounds without crazy hours at the gym or an insane diet. These are my top 5 tips for losing weight that I used and found success with.

You ready?tips for losing weight

My Tried and True Tips For Losing Weight

Drink Lemon Water First Thing

The first thing I drink in the morning when I get out of bed is lemon water. With freshly squeezed lemon juice. Yes, that means that I buy a lot of lemons.

Let’s think about this: you just spent (hopefully) 8 hours asleep…and you weren’t hydrating, which means (shocker) that you’re probably in need of some hydration.

Now, you could just drink plain old water. Or, you could capitalize on the benefits of lemon water-specifically its ability to wake you the “f” up. And, you’ll also get these perks:

  • A boost of Vitamin C,
  • Fewer wrinkles,
  • Less belly bloat,
  • Weight loss, and
  • Fresher breath.

Whoa. That’s a lot. But Y’all…it makes sense. Just be sure to brush your teeth after you have your first glass of water to prevent loss of enamel.

Schedule Time For Everything

For someone who makes a living on keeping others organized, I have a bad habit of letting my days develop their own schedules.

Sure, I set the best intentions before bed or over the weekend, but when I wake up that all goes out the window, and I end up operating from a place of stress, rather than a position of power because I know that everything will get done.

Does this sound familiar? Now, I’m great at scheduling tasks and meetings for my business…but when it comes to my home, not so much. We don’t live in squalor or anything, but I do have a tendency for the laundry to pile up…on my workout equipment.

Which is why I schedule time in my day for chores and exercise.

What I’ve found works best for me is if I spend a half hour each day (some days require an hour, depending on what needs to get done) focusing on the house stuff – laundry, dishes, floors, windows, bathrooms…you get the picture.

Likewise, I also schedule the time to exercise. I prefer to workout in the morning so that I can take a shower before sitting down to work, but you may prefer evening workouts.

Some days I head to the local Barre Code for a class experience, and other days I use my trampoline or pilates reformer (and the rowing machine if I’m feeling daring).

If you aren’t currently exercising, start small. Do 10 minutes a day, and work up to more time gradually. I found this tip for losing weight on exercising to be a huge factor. You will feel a huge difference in your body over time.

And, if you find that you don’t have enough hours in the day for “everything”…take a good look at your list and make the choice to limit your activities or get up earlier.

Fuel Your Body

For real. Remember the old saying “you are what you eat?”

It’s so true.

All the exercise in the world isn’t going to help you lose weight and get healthy if you’re using your body like a garbage disposal.

Now, I’ve tried all kinds of “miracle” products that promise if you just wear the thrive patch or drink their drink, or take their special supplement, the weight will just come right off.

I’m here to tell you that is just not true. Now, I do believe in supplements. I’m a huge fan of Ritual Vitamins, and I take an HSN supplement, as well as Evening Primrose Oil (DO NOT take this one of you are pregnant). But that’s it.

The rest is how I fuel my body. Now, I have used nutritional cleansing to accelerate my results, and when I stick with the program, so to speak, I have been averaging about a 15-pound loss each month.

And I’m gaining muscle. I fuel my body with whole foods, which means lots of vegetables and fruits, and minimal ‘packaged’ products.

I also make sure that I stay within my daily caloric limits based on my BMR.

Eat Smart Snacks Between Meals

I know, I know. This seems counterintuitive. I get it. I used to be opposed to snacking, too. Really opposed to it.

But snacking smartly helps to keep my blood sugar stable, and helps me to not binge at meal times.

Some of my favorite snacks are:

  • Veggies (take your pick-I love them all)
  • Fruit with protein (like half an apple with a hard-boiled egg)
  • Pickled Eggs
  • Tuna or Chicken Creations
  • Protein Balls or Bars (I either make my own or choose ones with minimal sugar and carbs)
  • Nuts & Seeds

I don’t always need a snack between meals, especially if I’m focusing on drinking enough water throughout the day, but if I feel myself getting munchy, I will grab a small snack to tide me over to my next meal.

I am very careful to make sure that I plate my snack, meaning that I put the snack I’m going to eat in a bowl or on a plate, and then sit down to eat it.

Limit Screen Time

This is super embarrassing to admit, but for a long time, we ate dinner in front of the television. Which (in hindsight) was a terrible idea.

When you eat distracted (even if it’s just a snack) you tend to eat more. Not good, Y’all.

We have instituted family dinners around the dining room table (who knew it wasn’t just for laundry!), which means I get to spend quality time with my family and I have noticed that I’m eating less because I’m focusing on modeling good manners for my boys (and eating slower because of that).

Final Thoughts

These may seem like no-brainer things to you, but for me, they’ve been seriously life-changing. And I don’t feel deprived, or coerced, or like I have to shout my success from the rooftops.

I’ve lost 40 pounds since January, and (being totally transparent here), I wasn’t even being consistent with exercise until this summer.

If I can do it with working, two kids, and all the craziness, you can do it too! Do you have any tried and true tips for losing weight? Share them below.

What is your biggest struggle with weight loss?

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