12 Ways To Burn 100 Calories

I’m finally back on skates! Did you know that you can burn 100 calories in just 18 minutes of skating? I know. That means I burn roughly 300 calories an hour…when I am on my skates. If nothing else, that is motivation to get out of my head and push harder!

Plus, now that you know this amazing piece of information, you should find a league. Obviously.

Everyone should join a roller derby league. Like now. I knew skating was doing amazing things for my booty before I got hurt, and I’ve definitely noticed major improvements since I’ve been back.

And at derby I’m not just skating. I’m doing footwork drills (SLOWLY), and working on my agility as well. I’m sure that my estimate has to be low. I would guess it’s around 50-ish calories, especially if you throw in 7 circles of Hell (yes, that’s a thing), which looks like this:

  1. Skate a lap
    • 20 sit ups
  2. Skate 2 laps
    • Russian twists
  3. Skate 3 laps
    • 1 minute plank (on your SKATES)
  4. Skate 4 laps
    • Squats
  5. Skate 5 laps
    • Pikes
  6. Skate 6 laps
    • Burpees (on your SKATES)
  7. Skate 7 laps

It’s absolute torture. To be honest, I wimped out on the fourth round and just waiting for everyone else to lap and participated in the exercises.

But I can’t skate all the time (I wish!).

I was really excited to find that there are plenty of ways to burn off 100 calories…in very little time. Did you know that you can actually burn calories when you’re cooking dinner? I’ve found that most meals in our house take at least 35-ish minutes of prep between setting the table and warming things…so why not use that time?

And, if you add in dancing around…that’s a double whammy.

Or cleaning the house? When you think about the stuff you have to do…you know, when company comes over…shouldn’t you be earning brownie points in the workout department?

burn 100 calories

So you know that you can count a lot of your everyday chores as calorie burners…like that 30 minutes I spent trying to find a workout shoe that supports my ankle but doesn’t cut off my circulation. 100 calories. GONE.

If you’re working to lose weight, getting active it just part of it. Be smart, and don’t eat your calories back. If you need a snack between meals, be smart. Grab something light with high protein content so you don’t undo all of your hard work. Because getting healthy counts as work.

What’s your favorite way to burn 100 calories?

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