I Tried the Activia Challenge for 2 Weeks…

This post is sponsored by Activia but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. It’s no big secret that I try to eat healthily, and I’ve been working hard to make sure that I fit in exercise each day (even if I have to workout after dinner, like I did yesterday). So I agreed to try the Activia Challenge. 

I Tried the Activia Challenge for 2 Weeks…

The one thing that I continued to struggle with was my digestion. Yes, we’re going there, Y’all. Buckle up.

I have tried all the trends. Juicing (for an entire summer before it was cool), the lemonade diet or Master Cleanse, and nutritional cleansing.

But none of these resulted in a lasting change in my digestion. I still ended up puffy and tired. Obviously, something had to change.

So naturally, when I heard about the Activia Challenge, I knew I had to try it.

I Tried the Activia Challenge for 2 Weeks...

The Activia Challenge

The Activia Challenge lasts 2 weeks, and all you have to do (seriously) is eat one super yummy yogurt each morning.

For. Real. That’s it!

I made a run to Walmart and picked up enough Activia to get through the 2-week challenge, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it’s not just “regular” yogurt anymore-you can get Activia in a lactose-free option, Greek yogurt (which I am a total sucker for), and the new Activia Dailies!

Y’all, they’re yogurt DRINKABLES!

That makes getting my probiotics in early so fast and easy.

As soon as I got home, I sat down to have a late breakfast (early lunch? brunch?) and got started.

I Tried the Activia Challenge for 2 Weeks...

My Activia Challenge Day 1

I’m not sure that there’s much to report today…other than the fact that my first taste of the new Activia Dailies was absolutely delicious.

My Activia Challenge Day 2

I started my day off with a black cherry yogurt followed by two cups of coffee (kids, y’all). I had a ton of energy today and got a lot done, including a 50-minute pilates workout.

My Activia Challenge Day 3

I’m going, to be honest. I totally forgot to start my day with a yogurt (before this challenge I’ve been seriously lacking in breakfast department, relying mostly on coffee to fuel my morning).

The good news was that I ended up enjoying an Activia as a mid-morning snack. Their peach flavor may be my favorite!

My Activia Challenge Day 4

Y’all! I think that Ish may jump on this challenge with me! He asked me what I was doing differently lately, so I told him about the challenge.

I don’t see any changes yet, but he said that my stomach is looking flatter. I’ll take it!

My Activia Challenge Day 5

I enjoyed it with a banana and a kombucha (because why not).

For lunch, I enjoyed a meal replacement shake and for dinner, we tucked in some delicious marinated steaks with street corn.

My Activia Challenge Day 6

I am really, really digging my new routine!!

Today I woke up with a ton of energy, so I did a quick workout and ended up deciding to head to the local Play Cafe.

Do you have one of those where you live? Ours has tons of toys, coffee for me, snacks for The Baby, and free wifi. It’s like magic. I can let him play while I work.

My Activia Challenge Day 7

I had to make a run back to Walmart to pick up more Activia Dailies (if you want to join me in this challenge, be sure to use the Ibotta app because they have a great discount going on right now!) because Ish has decided to join in the fun.

My Activia Challenge Day 8

We went on a morning bike ride with the boys and WOW am I thankful that things are moving well!

I’m not sure if it’s just a case of more energy or if there’s something kind of magical happening, but I feel awesome.

My skin is clearing up (again), and I’m able to wear my favorite lightweight powder foundation (don’t worry-it has sunscreen) instead of heavy full coverage foundation, which is awesome!

I also noticed that I’m working out for longer chunks of time because I don’t want to stop.

I Tried the Activia Challenge for 2 Weeks...

My Activia Challenge Day 9

I could totally do this forever. It’s so easy to just grab an Activia Daily and get on with my day. We made a run to Costco for some toilet paper (true story), and normally I’m toast because I always forget breakfast.

Not today! Today I remembered to grab my yogurt on the way out the door.

My Activia Challenge Day 10

Good habits breed more good habits, everyone. In case you were wondering. After my Activia Daily, I only had one (yup, just the one) cup of coffe with half the amount of creamer that I normally have.

For lunch I enjoyed a protein shake, and we ended up grilling some steaks served with a huge green salad for dinner.


My Activia Challenge Day 11

Funny story. This whole “drink one a day” thing is becoming my new normal. So much so that I totally spaced that I’d already had one and went to grab another.

I realized my mistake and had a good laugh with Ish as he was enjoying his Activia Daily.

My Activia Challenge Day 12

Today I took a 50-minute barre class at the new Barre Code here in Lansing. I was shaking the entire time, and I definitely want to go back!

My energy level is totally insane,  y’all!

My Activia Challenge Day 13

I can’t believe I’m coming up on the final day of this challenge! I will definitely be continuing this new routine!

My Activia Challenge Day 14

I feel so awesome. My tummy bloat is gone, I’m looking forward to exercising, and I’m sleeping better. Whether the sleep is a result of the belly bloat disappearing or the exercise, I’ll take it!

My Results on the Activia 2-Week Challenge

Does the Activia Challenge work?

I honestly cannot believe that I hadn’t tried the Activia Challenge before. I mean, why not?!

I did not weigh myself, but I know that my pants are definitely fitting far more loosely than they were 14 days ago.

I am loving all of my extra energy, and so are my kids. With Smalls out of school, we are spending a lot of time outside, going on walks, riding our bikes, and gardening.

Before I would have made all the excuses, but now I don’t want to.

If I only learned one lesson during this challenge, it’s that making one small change can make a HUGE impact.


Are you doing to take the Activia Challenge?

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