Best Workout Equipment for an Apartment

In my entire life, I’ve never lived in a large home. In fact, I currently live in a 495 square foot condo that I love, but it only has so much space for the things that I enjoy. And, like many people who live in small spaces, I constantly fight against clutter that can quickly accumulate in a home.

Exercise equipment is definitely an area that I struggle with because I love to get fit and living in a cold weather climate means that, more often than not, workouts will take place indoors. And, this year, I plan on achieving my weightloss goals!

Exercise Equipment for Your Apartment

Your Cell Phone

It’s crazy to think of all of the information that your cell phone provides. Not only can you listen to music, watch videos, and read books with your phone, it’s also the perfect place to begin your next fitness journey. 

Subscribe to your favorite Fitness Influencers on Instagram and get inspiration and encouragement from their communities. Check out the free content that they provide such as: workout of the day templates, exercise breakdowns, and food inspiration. 

Hop onto YouTube and workout to the different exercise videos uploaded with you in mind. You can find workouts targeting your entire body, arms only, or those trouble areas that make you crazy.

For me, my trouble area is my stomach!

Don’t forget to check out the different fitness apps that are housed on your phone.

The Freeletics App

Bodyweight workouts always get my blood pumping. And, the Freeletics app is focused on body weight based workouts. I use the free option that has preloaded workouts that range from beginner to expert. 

What is nice about the Freeletics app is that there is a nice variety of workouts available to free users. And, each exercise is broken down so that users are working out safely. 

The paid option gives users access to coaches and the workouts that they’ve developed. Users can customize their workouts with a specific end goal in mind.

Become inspired by other members in the Freeletics community. The app is available both in Google Play and the App Store


Even though I’m going to talk about FitBit, in all honesty, in wearable technology can be substituted in this section. What I love about FitBit and wearable technology is that your fitness journey becomes a part of your daily life.

Each day I’m able to hit my 10,000 a day step goal because I am part of a FitBit group that is ridiculously competitive. Even if I wanted to slack off, I won’t because I am hoping to beat my friends who are competing against me each day.

FitBit also helps me get a good idea of how much I’m sleeping each night, how much water I’m drinking (if I remember to track it) and even my food intake. 

FitBit has even created jewelry for women like me who hate wearing plastic and now my FitBit is a beautiful silver bangle. 


This bike is pricey, but hear my out. Every single person that I know who has one, is obsessed with it.

And, I totally understand why.

If you’ve ever taken cycling classes, then you know that it’s an incredible workout. And, having your bike nestled in a corner of your home is worth it when you can get an epic workout every time you put your butt in the seat. 

Just ignore their commercials.

A Complete Yoga Kit

Yoga is one of my favorite workouts, but what I hate about it is that it can get expensive. In between classes I like to workout from home. 

Happily, yoga is another full body workout that doesn’t require a lot of equipment. A complete yoga kit typically would include: a mat, blocks, yoga mat towels, and something to carry your equipment in.

The yoga mat is also nice to use when doing a Freeletics workout as well. Stream a yoga video onto your laptop of tv screen and embrace your yoga practice from home. 

Jump Rope

If your on the ground level of your building or the ceilings are pretty solid, then you should definitely add a jump rope to your apartment’s fitness equipment list. Small, light, and compact, jump rope workouts are easy to do and pack a fitness punch.

It’s embarrassing to admit that I find jump rope workouts so intense. But, they get the job done. 

Yoga Socks

There is nothing worse than getting into downward facing dog and falling onto your face because you’ve slipped. 

Yoga socks are great because they prevent slipping and help maintain any pose that you’re working on.

I also like to use yoga socks for any exercises that require core strength and balance.

Resistance Bands

I hate using the weight machines at the gym. For some reason, I always feel like I look like a fitness fraud when I use them. Then, I feel super self-conscious when I can’t figure out how to use the machines properly.

Resistance bands are apartment compatible and much more user friendly than going to the weight room at my local gym.

I love them because they are surprisingly effective at helping would be fitness buffs weight train. 

Step Machine

I used my old step machine so much that it actually fell apart. I would wear my FitBit and watch t.v. while working out on the machine. It can be a bit boring, but it’s a surprisingly good workout. Or, I would download my favorite podcasts and listen to the show while working out.

Hand Weights

Weight training is easy to do with hand weights. They are portable, easy to use, and can be combined with the Freeletics App workouts. I have 3 different sized weights and use them to tone different parts of my body.

Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough space to workout. Think creatively, utilize technology, and you’ll find that you’re able to have the same quality workout that you would have had at the gym-minus the weight room shaming.

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