Making Better Choices During The Holidays

Every year, I swear I’m going to “do better” and not stuff my face with Christmas cookies or fill my belly with eggnog…and every year I fail.

Let’s face it-the holidays are an excuse for a lot of us to derail and with the new year around the corner, I promise myself that I’ll get back on track…in January. Or next week. Or next month. Or tomorrow. Sound familiar? My goal is to learn to make better choices during the holidays

I know I’m not alone in this! I’ve talked to so many of you who deal with this as well and I’ve even coached some of you through this very issue. That definitely doesn’t mean that I’m immune. I’m human. Shocking, I know.

So this year, our family is making an effort to eat healthier-that doesn’t mean I’m going to skip next week’s cookie exchange, but it does mean that I’m going to be more conscious of what I put into my body this holiday season.

eat better during holidays

Learn How To Make Better Choices During The Holidays 

Eating Out

This includes eating out (or eating in-I love that I can get my salad to go!). We loving hitting up healthier places to eat that carry build your own salads, grilled chicken and more. If you do dine out, look for lighter or low carb options. 

My absolute favorite salad is one that I created by accident at one of our favorite local shops. You can build your own salads, and let’s just say we love this place. 

When you have kids, and they help, sometimes you end up with weird creative combinations. I love putting romaine hearts, spinach, beets, broccoli, cucumbers, eggs, bacon, and marinated grilled chicken. The one thing I change is the dressing. It really depends on my mood. 

Let’s face it there really aren’t a lot of options that are healthy, quick, loved by my kids (and not in my kitchen!).  My boys love their kid’s boxes. I think they might actually enjoy building theirs as much as they enjoy putting random items in mine.

Low Carb Sides 

Consider whipping up some lower carb side dishes to pair with your holiday feast. Reach for cauliflower style mashed like potatoes, or cauli-rice instead of regular rice. Those types of options will really help give you healthier options when entertaining for the holidays. 

Also look for lower carb meals in between your holiday parties. Look for salads, wraps, and such. When you have lighter meals in between parties and gatherings, you can splurge slightly more when you have big meals. We love coconut curry chicken, and it is a keto-approved meal. 

Healthy Habits 

Create healthy habits that you can carry throughout the year, so that when the holidays come you have wiggle room to eat an extra dessert. Healthy habits like smart snacks, being active, resisting stress eating and more are what you need to consider doing on a daily basis. 

Making Better Choices During The Holidays

How Can I Be Healthy Over The Holidays 

Here are a handful of other ways to really work at being aware of eating better during the holidays. 

  • Stay active and workout like regular
  • Don’t overindulge in eating or drinks
  • Stop eating when your body tells you that you are full 
  • Cook up healthier versions of recipes 
  • Remember to drink your water 
  • Watch your salt intake 
  • Fill up on veggies

What Ways Do You Make Better Choices During the Holidays? 


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