How to Avoid Blisters at Disney World

I am so stinking excited, y’all!! I am on my way to Disneyworld later this week for a much-needed mom-cation. Yes, I’m visiting Disney without my kiddos. Again. Don’t worry they’re going to Disney for a week next fall (they just don’t know it yet). That means I have to avoid blisters at Disney World yet again.

How to Avoid Blisters at Disney World

And you know what? I think that every mama needs some alone time-even if that means that they fly into Orlando for a conference 3 days early and go play at the most magical place on earth for a bit. I’ve got some amazing stuff planned, and I think that unwinding before I sit in meetings for 2 straight days is smart. Here are some eating healthy on road trips tips, if you are going and need help with traveling.

But it could turn out to be a terrible idea (last time I went to the parks I averaged 20,000 steps PER DAY. Per.Day.) if I don’t take care of my feet. That makes for an excellent workout, but won’t let me use any of the workout equipment I bring on trips!

My last trip, I thought I had it figured out. I picked out good shoes with awesome arch support and moisture-wicking socks…but I still got blisters. On the first day. This time, I’m prepared (and I want you to be, too).

I think that we forget one very important fact when we’re planning our time in the Magic Kingdom…

How to Avoid Blisters at Disney World

Disney theme parks are huge! 

No matter how many times I go to Disney, I always underestimate the amount of walking you actually do around the parks.

And (inevitably) by the end of the day, my feet start to feel like they’ve been shoved into Cinderella’s glass slipper and I wonder how in the world I’m going to do it all again the next day.

This time around, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve that will help you take care of your feet at Disney to help you avoid blisters and so much more! Learn my tried and true tips on how to avoid blisters at Disney World below.

How to Avoid Blisters at Disney World

How to Avoid Blisters at Disney World

Skip the Sandals

Seriously. Comfortable shoes that are intended for walking are a much better choice.

I get it. We all know that Florida is warm and sunny, but flip-flops, sandals (most of them, anyway), and cute, arch-less shoes are going to cause you pain (and blisters because you’ll end up limping without realizing it-trust me).

You want to bring shoes with great arch support that be comfortable for walking all day long.

Do yourself a favor and don’t bring shoes that you’ve never worn-walking 20,000 (or more) steps each day is no joke.

Make sure that the shoes you pick aren’t too tight because, with that much walking, your feet may start to swell.

Remember, you will be walking a lot, so you want to make sure you are packing shoes that you’re comfortable spending 10+ hours in.

Rapunzel may have gotten away going barefoot, but if you wear the wrong shoes, you’ll be walking on blisters the rest of the trip.

Take Frequent Breaks 

Taking breaks is not only a great chance for you to catch your breath and check with everyone (especially if you have small kiddos with you), but it will give your feet a chance to take a break too.

If you are staying on property, I’m a huge fan of heading to the parks early in the morning when they open, then heading back to the hotel mid-day for lunch, and then going back in the late afternoon/evening so that you can enjoy the parades and fireworks.

This gives everyone a chance to rest (maybe even nap if you’re lucky), and will help with the wear and tear on your poor, aching, feet.

Pack Twice As Many Socks as You Normally Would

Another little tip for you (especially if you’re blistering prone) is to pack two pairs of socks for each day that you plan to be in the parks.

You can change your socks before you head back out, or even halfway through your day.

Having sweaty gross feet all day just plain sucks (and even if you buy moisture wicking socks, if you go on Splash Mountain…well, you’re welcome).

Plan to change your socks mid-day to avoid encouraging more issues.

Pack Moleskin or Blister Bandaids

Hopefully, you won’t need them, but it’s always better to be prepared. On my last trip. I forgot them and ended up with a huge blister on my heel…about 4 hours into my first day. It was the worst.

Don’t be like me-pack some band-aids.

Disney First Aid

Blister treatment is a must. Thankfully, Disney’s got you covered. Their first aid stations have everything from Tylenol to Tums, and they are also prepared to treat blisters (because a lot of people don’t listen to tip number one and wear their cute shoes).

These first aid stations have the most amazing numbing spray ready to go. Plus the Disney team will even help wrap your blisters to help reduce the pain.

From bandaids to ace bandages, they’ve got you covered for any ailments your feet may have!

Ease In

If you want to rock new shoes, don’t. Now is not the time to break in a new pair of sneakers. Wear a pair of shoes that you know are comfortable.

If your shoes regularly rub on the back of your ankle, you may want to put some moleskin or even some tape on the back of your ankles to prevent blisters, or (better yet) pick different shoes.

This small thing will give you insight into whether or not you have good shoes that will work for your trip, or if you need to consider a new pair.

Know Your Limits

I know that Disney might seem like the type of vacation where you need to just tough it out (trust me, y’all. I went on Small’s Make a Wish trip with a broken leg), but you need to know your limits.

Very few people are able to see all of Disney in just a day or two. Make an agenda for top priority attractions and work your way down the list.

You want to make sure your feet (and your brain) are ready to go the next day. Most of the Disney Parks are 2-3 days each, especially with kids. If you feel your feet starting to ache, take a break, stop for lunch (check out my Dole Whip Recipe), or head back to the hotel.

And there’s no shame in taking a break day during your stay, too. When our kids come, we take a day to lounge by the pool and really recharge. Regardless of whether you’re going now or next year, make sure that you take care of your feet!

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How do you avoid blisters at Disneyworld?

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