DIY Homemade Lip Care Recipes

Over the winter I kind of sort of dealt with it, making my own lip balms to help…but what I didn’t realize was that I actually needed to exfoliate my lips. Now, don’t judge me. I know that I’m in my late-ish 30’s and I should know this stuff. That’s why I needed homemade lip care recipes to find relief. 

DIY Homemade Lip Care Recipes

But y’all. I have lived in a super humid climate for the past 10ish years…which means that nature was my moisturizer.

When we moved to Michigan, where it hurts to breathe in the winter because it’s so cold and so dry (who would have thought that with 3 feet of snow on the ground the air would be so dry it would suck the life out of your lips?!), I realized that there was a reason God invented lip balm.

It was to keep my lips from falling off.

Now, I know that I could buy a tube of Chapstick at the store, but I much prefer making my own. I’ve made lavender lip balm before, so I thought I’d see what everyone else was making, and it turns out that there are a ton of amazing recipes out there!

Homemade Lip Care Recipes To Soothe Your Lips

24 DIY Homemade Lip Care Recipes For Silky Smooth Lips

Thanks to the world of the internet and of course Pinterest, I can make homemade body products and homemade lip care products are one of them! I can create a balm that uses essential oils or a sugar scrub that wipes away any dead skin on my lips for silky smooth lip! These homemade lip care items are awesome.

DIY Lip Products

So far, I’ve tried quite a few, and I thought I’d share our favorites (yes, we went through a lot of recipes in 8 months).

DIY Lip Balm

Lip balm is super easy to make (seriously, some of these recipes only need 3 ingredients), and you can do all kinds of things with them…from tinting them to scenting them to making them actually taste like a cinnamon roll…there’s really no wrong way to do this.

My boys absolutely loved the chocolate-flavored lip balm (yes, it’s definitely a gloss, but they don’t need to know that!), and I’m super in love with the honey cinnamon lip balm right now – but Y’all.

These are all kinds of amazing. Just pick something that sounds appealing and start there. You can always make a different version or flavor when you run out!

DIY Lip Scrubs

The real secret to surviving dryer climates (at least for me) has been the discovery of lip scrubs. And there are a million different kinds you can make, but so far my favorite ones are food-related (cotton candy, anyone?!).

I try to make sure that I gently exfoliate my lips a few times a week (I usually do this just before washing my face in the evening), and my lips have been so much happier.

If you wear a lot of drying lipsticks or liquid lips, you may need to exfoliate more often, just make sure to follow up with a super emollient lip balm to make sure that you don’t end up with cracked lips because you exfoliated them too much (not saying I did that…but I totally did that).

I don’t let the kids use my lip scrubs because I have a feeling they’d want to eat them all…but if your kids have more self-control than mine then I don’t’ see any reason that you couldn’t allow them to gently exfoliate their lips with supervision.

Do you take time to make DIY homemade lip care products?

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