I Took Ritual Vitamins For 30 Days and Here’s What Happened…

I know, I know. I fell for the marketing. But, Y’all. It’s GOOD. The idea behind it, the color (I adore yellow), the peppermint smell… I put it off and put it off and put it off…and then I decided it was time to try it. So last month, when I noticed that my multivitamins from the Whole Paycheck were running low, I decided to give Ritual vitamins a try.

I Took Ritual Vitamins For 30 Days and Here’s What Happened…

Now, I’ve been taking vitamins and supplements for years, but especially since my thyroid issues were diagnosed. I was taking a multivitamin, plus a range of other supplements that my doctor deemed necessary…and y’all. It was a lot of pills.

A.Lot. Like, I could not travel with just one bottle. I needed a pill case plus a few sealable bags, which made carrying on a pain in the you-know-what.

Keep reading to hear my thoughts.

Ritual is gimmicky. I get it. It’s all hyped up, but y’all. These are the first multivitamins that don’t make me nauseous.

I Took Ritual Vitamins For 30 Days and Here's What Happened...

I Didn’t Need to Eat Breakfast First

I’m a fan of breakfast (just check out my 7-day challenge if you don’t believe me!), but having to eat right when I wake up isn’t my favorite thing.

Now, I get that because I work at home, that’s a luxury, but y’all. I have earned the right to sit down and eat breakfast after the crazy morning rush.

The problem with that is…if I don’t take my vitamins first thing, I won’t do it.

It’s like my collagen…if I don’t take it first thing (in my coffee, in the case of the collagen), I don’t take it.

Which totally negates the point of taking vitamins, right?

So. Being able to take my vitamins with my first cup of coffee ensures that I get all the things my body needs.

I Was Able to Ditch The Extras

I used to take a legit multivitamin, PLUS a zillion other supplements. Which is all fine and good, until you go broke trying to keep up, or you can’t remember which ones you need to take 3 times a day versus twice.

It was a bit out of control, y’all. I can barely remember to put shoes on before I leave the house, so if it’s not easy, I’m probably not going to stick with it for very long. I have enough to worry about between the house, my business, school, my hubby…

You get the picture.

With Ritual, I decided that I was going to try to just do a single multivitamin and my hair, skin, and nails supplement for a month.

If it didn’t work, no harm, no foul, and I would know.

But you know what? I feel better than I did when I was taking fist fulls of multivitamins and additional supplements.

Yes, I still take my collagen, and my hair, skin, and nails, but that’s it. That’s the extent of my routine.

My Vitamins Come to Me

As I mentioned, I forget things, usually until I need them, and with Ritual, the new bottle showed up literally the day I finished my last pill from my first bottle.

In the mail, in a cute little box package. Like it’s a ritual (those ladies really nailed their branding, didn’t they?!).


And Y’all. They’re not just cute transparent vitamins. You can actually go to the Ritual website and see sourcing and manufacturing information for every.single.ingredient.

That alone is huge. Have you ever tried to call up one of the vitamin companies and ask them where they source their magnesium or their B vitamins?

Well, I have, and that is one long, hold-music induced tantrum right there. I literally could not get anyone on the phone who had a clue when I tried to call my old multivitamin company.

Final Thoughts

So…did the marketing and the packaging and the cuteness reel me in? Sure did.

But you know what, I’m glad it did because it’s seriously helping my wallet, and I feel better than I have in a long time.

Probably because I actually remember to take my vitamins and doing it regularly. And the vitamins contain everything I need.


Have you tried Ritual Vitamins yet?

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