Rock Climbing {& the Importance of Alternative Fitness}

I am so excited to welcome Jessi from Haynes, Her Way! She's FEARLESS!

Hey ya’ll!

My name is Jessi, and I’m super excited to be guest-posting for Brea today, and chatting about an issue I think is super important for anyone trying to get (or stay) in shape!

Thinking of trying rock climbing? Check out this awesome alternative way to fitness!

I have a kick-ass job.

For those of you that have not read my blog, and I am a rock climbing coach and manager of youth programming at Hoosier Heights Climbing Center just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. I love my job.

I believe that rock climbing, yoga and other forms of alternatives fitness can change lives, and I feel incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to do something I feel so passionately about for a living.

I love being able to foster youth athletes in our facility and community, and also have the opportunity to teach others about climbing and give them the tools they need to try a sport that I believe can change their life (and that changed my life).

I LOVE Alternative Fitness

I found rock climbing about two and a half years ago, and never looked back. The sport is such a fun way to get fit, while not feeling like you are working out. It is a mental game as much as it is a physical game, and the community is so wonderful, welcoming and laid-back.

It is just a really fantastic sport to be involved in, all around. It is a whole-body workout, but it is fun, it gets you outside, provides you with opportunities and excuses to travel, and is constantly changing and evolving. It is also an inexpensive sport with extremely low barriers to entry for anyone who decides they want to give it a try and get involved.

When I found climbing, I was doing traditional workouts in a traditional gym (following Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer, which is amazing, by the way, if you want to stick with a traditional gym routine) and I was not loving it.

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness.

Not everyone loves to do cardio and lift weights to get – or stay – in shape. So many people start a fitness routine and then give it up after a few weeks because it is unpleasant, monotonous, or they are intimidated by the facility or other people working out.

I totally encourage anyone trying to get in shape to try out alternative forms of exercise! Try lots of different types of physical activity, and stick with it for a couple of weeks before deciding you don’t like it. Rock climbing is obviously my favorite, but I am biased.

There’s also:

  • rock climbingyoga
  • acroyoga (which combines acrobatics and yoga),
  • pilates,
  • Zumba,
  • step,
  • spin,
  • mountain biking,
  • hiking,
  • swimming…

…and video programs like Insanity and P90X, ropes courses, boot camps, and more.

There are so many different forms of physical activity, and finding one that you love will change your life! You’ll want to get in shape (and it won’t feel like working out) rather than dreading your trips to the gym.

JessieIf any of Brea’s readers would like to contact me about rock climbing, or if you have any questions about the sport, please feel free to contact me through the Contact Me tab on my blog!

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