Why You Need Hot Yoga

I am excited to introduce Megan from the Fashionista Momma who is bringing us “Why you need hot yoga”. Hi There, Brea Getting Fit readers. I’m Megan and I blog over at The Fashionista Momma. I know, what is a fashion blogger doing blogging about fitness and yoga, right? Well, I used to be a personal trainer and yoga instructor for many years and I still love sharing health and fitness with the world. In fact, I share a little bit of that on Friday’s for Fit Friday. Which, you will have to check out on Friday August 28th, because little Miss Brea will be guest hosting for me.

Why You Need Hot Yoga

For my little piece of fitness, I want to share why you need hot yoga. As a hot yoga instructor, I would always hear the fear in people’s voices when I told them what I did for a living. I would get the comments:

  • “I could never do that.”
  • “Are you crazy?”
  • “How are in a hot room for so many hours?”

…and the list goes on. I want to share a little bit about what hot yoga can do for you and why you should do it.

Anyone Can Do Hot Yoga

Let me start with this; anyone can do hot yoga. I have had chemo patients, pregnant women (if you are already pregnant I do not recommend starting hot yoga, but if you were doing it prior to pregnancy you can continue with certain modifications) and nursing women.

If you are unsure, check with your doctor first and make sure your studio and instructor are aware of any health concerns.   After you are ready to get your sweat on, the most important thing you can do is listen to your body.

Hot yoga is not a place to compete.

You are not there to be the best in class. If you need to rest, rest. If you spend the whole class in child’s pose, that’s ok. Try to stay in the room and breath. If you must step out, do so and come back into class when you are ready. The benefits of hot yoga are endless, so I am going to focus on the 3 main changes you will see.

Have you been tempted to take a hot yoga class? You should! Find out why. Why You Need Hot Yoga

3 Benefits of Hot Yoga

  1. Physical – Hot Yoga is a low impact workout. You will strength your body with static poses and breathing. Breathing is a very important part of your practice and your life. Proper breathing affects so many parts of your body. From your brain function, to your oxygen levels, to your posture.
  1. Mental – Postures in hot yoga focus on compression of your pineal gland, thyroid and parathyroid glands. This affects all of the chemical reactions in your body. It can help with PMS symptoms and depression. I want to give an example that I have personal experience with:I have suffered from migraines since I was 18. When I started hot yoga I never had another migraine. Guess what? I have stopped doing hot yoga in the last year due to being “too busy” and moving and I have been having problems with migraines again. I just started back this past week and I’m sure in about a month the migraines will be gone.
  1. Detox – Do you know what happens when you sweat? Your body releases toxins. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body. What better way to get rid of the crap, than sweat? The heated room will open your pores and clean out the “crap”. Just remember to drink lots of water after. This is for two reasons: to rehydrate your body and to continue the detox process.

If you aren’t on board to try hot yoga just yet, that’s okay.

Maybe these 8 Benefits of Hot Yoga will help convince you. If you still aren’t all in, try any yoga class. These 3 benefits are similar in a traditional yoga class. You will still sweat, you will still make physical changes, and I guarantee, at some point, a posture will be focusing on flushing out the glands in your body.

I even have a 5 Minute Yoga Sequence on my blog that you can check out for a quick fix. So, get out there and yoga it up! You don’t have to stand on your head to be yogi. You just have to try. It’s called a yoga practice for a reason. There is always a new posture, a different variation that you can try, just practice yoga. 

MeganThe Fashionista Momma is a California girl living in NYC with her husband and two daughters. She blogs to inspire moms to take time for themselves and to love themselves for the awesome women they are. Her goal is to create an open community to share fashion, beauty and health for the busy mom.


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