Easter Egg Sprinkles Surprise Bath Bomb

This Easter Egg Sprinkles Surprise Bath Bomb recipe is fun, easy and useful! You’ll love using this for yourself or gifting to others!

easter bath bomb recipe

If you haven’t noticed…I’m kinda a big fan of bath bombs. And honestly, why not? I’m a busy mom, who takes care of two adorable boys, an active husband, and myself…so if I wanna relax in a tub at the end of a love day, you better believe that I’m gonna have a bath bomb or two in there with me.

It’s my right as an adult.

But…my other little secret about these surprise bath bombs? They’re so stinkin’ cute and adorable that they make me feel like a kid again…Once you see the recipe below, you’ll see why.

Even as I get older (no comments…), I’ve noticed that my taste in cool recipes and projects haven’t changed. I love fun ideas, colorful additions, and most of all…surprises!

And this surprise bath bomb is one that I can create and give to myself over and over again.

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Easter Egg Sprinkles Surprise Bath Bomb

While these are awesome for Easter, just know that you can literally make them anytime you want. Seriously, they’re that “eggs-cellent” Y’all. (mom joke for the win!)

Gather up your ingredients and get ready to fall in love with this surprise bath bomb recipe. I know I have!

Ingredients to make these surprise bath bombs:


Directions to make Easter Egg Sprinkles Bath Bombs:

There are several steps to these bath bombs but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it in no time at all. (You can even have little helpers help you if you want!)

Start by mixing up the dry ingredients. (This would be the Epsom salt, baking soda, cornstarch and citric acid). Do this using a whisk and make certain there aren’t any lumps.

Next, you’ll want to make certain that your coconut oil isn’t hard and solidified, so if it is, put it in a microwave safe container and melt it. (usually, about 30 seconds will do the trick)

Take all your wet ingredients (coconut oil, water, food coloring, and essential oil) and place into the jar. Make certain that you put the lid on tight, and give it a good shake. (This is where my boys tend to want to jump in a help. They love shaking it!)

Slowly, start to add in the liquid mixture to the dry mixture. VERY SLOWLY. Literally drops at a time and make certain that you’re whisking it all the entire time as well. If you start to pour to quickly, the mixture will begin to fizz…and that’s bad. (And if that happens, you have to literally start the whole recipe over with all new ingredients)

Once all of the liquid has been poured (again, slowly!) into the dry mixture, make certain to mix it all very well until the color is consistent throughout the entire mixture.

easter bath bomb

This is important: Immediately grab your molds and start filling with the mixture. Take your sprinkles and add them onto one side and then fill with more bath bomb mixture. You need to fill those molds until they are firm and both sides are full!

easter bath bombClose together tightly both sides of the plastic egg and leave it be. It needs to set to harden. Typically, 24 hours is a good rule of thumb. (If you open the plastic egg too early, it will crumble and break)

How to Store Egg Bath Bombs

Once they’ve set and rested, it’s time to carefully release the bath bombs from the plastic eggs and put into an airtight container, or individual cello bags.

You can then use them for yourself or create a cute little Easter gift for a friend.

Aren’t they seriously the cutest? And once you get done making them, you’ll become a pro at it and want to do it over and over again!

Have fun with these surprise bath bombs and treat yourself to an at-home spa day!

easter egg bath bombsHave you ever made your own surprise bath bombs before?

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