Lavender Easter Bunny Soaps

Looking for some fun and festive Lavender Easter Bunny Soaps? You’re certain to fall in love with these adorable cuties!

I love being festive. And as a busy mom, I try to stay on top of my game. “Try” being the keyword.

melt and pour soap recipe

While some days may fly by in a flash, I always look forward to the days counting down to holidays. On my radar this year? Making a batch of these awesome lavender bunny soaps.

First off, they’re adorable. Seriously, Y’all. Look at them. Crazy, crazy cute, right?

And secondly, they’re easy to make but LOOK like they took a long time. When I decide to create, I want that credit!

Is this homemade soap hard to make?

NO! Not at all. In fact, if you have little hands that like to help out, they can do a lot of this with you. They’ll love seeing the process from start to finish and be amazed that they created little bunny soaps that they can use. (they might even be more inclined to start washing their hands, too!)

melt and pour easter soap

Can you use other essential oils besides lavender?

Sure, just make certain that you’re using ones that are safe to use on skin. Educate yourself before adding your drops! There are so many great essential oil options out there that you can choose whatever works for you.

What if my bunny breaks coming out of the mold?

If your bunny happens to break when coming out of the mold, that more than likely means you didn’t let it set up long enough. Next time, leave it a bit longer then the 2 hours and see if that helps.

Other homemade soap recipes for you to check out:

I promise you that this homemade soap recipe is crazy simple! You can make a batch or two in no time at all. And, if you like to give Easter gifts, this is one that is perfect for gifting to others!

Just put them in a neat little gift box or tie a ribbon around them and the recipient will love knowing that you put time and effort into creating something just for them.

Lavender Easter Bunny Soaps

Keep in mind that creating this recipe will fill 16 of the bunny cavities in the mold. More than enough to gift and have some leftover for you!

Ingredients/Supplies needed for homemade bunny soap:

Directions to make homemade lavender soap:

melt and pour soap with essential oils (1)

  • Start by melting the soap in the microwave for 30 seconds in a microwave safe bowl. If not fully melted after that time, keep adding on 10-second intervals until completely melted.
  • Once melted, it’s time to add the soap colorant and drops of essential oil. Once done, stir well.Easter Lavender Soap
  • Next, it’s time to pour into your Soap Mold. Before adding, spray the mold lightly with rubbing alcohol to reduce bubbles.
  • It’s time to let the soap start to harden! Let sit for about 2 hours and check. If ready, remove from mold.

And that’s literally all there is to it! In just a short amount of time, you’ve created the cutest and most useful bunny soap molds, ever!

Don’t forget that this makes a great gift for your friends and family as well. This Easter, why not let the adults have a little fun, too?

lavender melt and pour soap

Have you ever created your own lavender bunny soap? I’d love to hear about it or see your pictures!

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