Can You Really Drink Collagen?

If you’re wondering whether or not you can drink collagen, you might just be surprised by the answer. But to fully understand the question, let’s dive in and talk about the options that you have when it comes to adding collagen into your daily diet.

I know what you’re thinking because honestly, I’ve thought it too. When I hear the word collagen, I automatically just think of a lump of “gel” or something along those lines…and then to follow that thought up with drinking it? No thanks. Can You Really Drink Collagen? - Wondering if you can drink collagen? You'll be amazed at what options you have! This simple addition can make a big impact on your body and health! #healthy #drink #collagen #breagettingfit

But the good news? There are many ways that you can actually “drink” collagen. Collagen can be found in varied food sources, but my favorite just happens to be in bone broth.

(And if you’re looking for an amazing and delicious bone broth to get your collagen intake, Kettle & Fire is where you need to look!)

What is collagen?

Collagen is actually found all over in our bodies already. It’s in our bones, our muscles, and even our skin. Our body uses collagen each and every day, even though you might not realize that it’s doing it. Collagen is a protein that helps us keep up the body running and functioning as smoothly as possible.

Does ingestive collagen help skin?

There have been many studies that have shown that collagen can have a positive effect on the outlook of your skin. Some people commonly refer to it as the “Fountain of Youth”, but that’s more of a nickname than anything factual.

Collagen can help tighten up your skin and also give it the look of fewer wrinkles because it’s a “filler” and can smooth out some of those areas. It’s also been noted that after some time of using and supplementing with collagen, there have been studies that have noted that cellulite in humans decreased as well.

Does bone broth contain collagen?

Of course, it does! It’s actually the way that it’s the easiest (in my opinion) to drink collagen! Not only are you getting the great taste and other health benefits of drinking collagen, but you’re also getting that subtle doses of collagen added to your body as well.

When you’re sipping bone broth, you’re basically sipping on some of the collagen and protein that has been pulled from the bones of animals. And this is a good thing! This can help your bones, your skin, and your body in so many varied ways.

Can You Really Drink Collagen?

You can, and I recommend doing so in bone broth form. Kettle & Fire offer some amazing bone broth options that need to be on your radar.

Not only do I love them because they’re Paleo-friendly, but they’re also really delicious as well. And in case you’re wondering what type of animal bones that they use during their process, all the animal bones come from pasture-raised chicken and grass-fed beef without any hormone additions or antibiotics added.

(and the best part? You can literally get them shipped right to your front door!)

So, how can you drink your collagen?

  • Sip it!

Add it to your drinks, just a little bit at a time. Or, if you’re like me, you can warm up a nice mug of bone broth and sit in front of the fireplace, just relaxing and enjoying your time. I find that when I warm it up, and slowly sip it, it’s just like drinking a nice mug of soup and it brings back fun memories of my childhood of sitting around the fireplace and being with family.

If you’ don’t think that you can just drink your collagen that way, don’t worry! There are other ways that you can enjoy it as well.

  • Add it to your soups

If you already have a soup cooking (or even a hearty chili!), add in some bone broth as the liquid base. It will give it a nice flavor and cook up nicely as well. And if you want to keep that same flavor going, you can use the chicken bone broth in chicken-based soups and the beef bone broth in beef-based soups. Or get crazy and add both in there!

You’ll find that once you add it in, it adds some really great flavor and health benefits to your daily diet.

The next time you decide to up your collagen intake, why not do so using bone broth? It’s a great taste and flavor, plus it offers other health benefits that can help out the overall function of your body as well.

You may just find that drinking collagen in the form of delicious bone broth might be your new favorite way to replenish your body after a good workout or long hike. Anything that you can do to replenish your bones, joints, and skin is always a good idea!

Do you have any tips for adding more collagen to your daily diet?

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