DIY Poop Emoji Soap

Poop Emoji Soap

Yes, we’re going to talk about poop. DIY Poop Emoji soap to be exact! Yes, I have boys. Yes, boys are gross. I play into the gross factor by making things like poop emoji soap. And yes, they went absolutely nuts for these when I made them. Skip to the DIY Poop Emoji soap recipe.…

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The Best Homemade DIY Hair Detangler Spray

Homemade Hair Detangler Recipe | Detangler Recipe | Easy Detangler Recipe | Detangler Recipe That Works | Simple Detangler Recipe | Hair Detangler Recipe | #breagettingfit #detangler #recipe #hair #easy #diy

Fun fact about me…I have super, super fine hair that goes through a lot of DIY hair detangler spray. I have a lot of it, and I’ve been bleaching my hair for 20-ish years. Which is basically a recipe for disaster, seeing as how I just recently discovered hair masks and started taking an interest…

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Apple Spice DIY Carpet Powder With Essential Oils

diy carpet freshener

Mamas, I need help.  My pre-teen has the world’s smelliest feet.  I can smell him before I see him most evenings.  And before I get tons of comments telling me to make him bathe, he does.  Daily.  With soap. Click here to learn how to make apple spice DIY carpet powder. Apple Spice DIY Carpet…

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DIY Homemade Oatmeal Bath Bombs

DIY Homemade Oatmeal Bath Bomb Recipe

So we discovered that The Baby is allergic to catnip. And it wasn’t the first thing we suspected. Socs (our 12-year-old cat) got some new toys a few weeks ago…and they had (shocker) catnip in them. Now, these toys are super cute-they’re little animals, and they look cuddly and soft. Because they are. Skip to…

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Essential Oils that Smell Like the Beach

Pineapple in the shallow ocean water at the beach. Essential oils that smell like the beach

Lord help me, Michigan is really growing on me. I mean, it’s kind of humid (if you’re Southern, think May-June humidity instead of July-October humidity), the sun has been out (it was 94 yesterday!), and everyone’s got something on the grill. I need some essential oils that smell like the beach because I totally miss…

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The Best Essential Oils to Increase Energy

This week my calendar is overflowing. Not in a bad way…in a “this is the last week of school and summer is coming” cramming all the things in kind of way. So I have been discovering the best essential oils to increase energy. The Best Essential Oils to Increase Energy Which is great…but it also…

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DIY Eye Cream

I turned 36 this year. I know, I need to get on this skincare train or it’s definitely going to be downhill. The problem is that I’m sensitive to a lot of the products in regular eye creams-even the brands that claim to be super gentle. I need some DIY eye cream, quick.  DIY Eye…

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How to Use Lemon Essential Oil

I ran out of my lemon essential oil a few days ago. I didn’t think much of it and went about my business…for about 48 hours. I have about million lemon essential oil uses that I incorporate on the daily. I usually diffuse lemon and a few of my other favorites (I can have more…

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Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub

It’s almost 50 degrees today, and I could not be more terrified. My legs and arms haven’t seen the sun in what feels like years. Yes, I know that’s dramatic, but for this Texas transplant, it feels that way. Skip to the orange coconut sugar scrub recipe. Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub I knew I needed…

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