Long & Lean Prenatal Workout Review

Whew! It’s been awhile, huh? I’ve been struggling with nausea (even at nearly 25 weeks pregnant!), and trying to balance a busy career, with a whole host of changes within our family (all good). I did find this Long & Lean Prenatal Workout to do though.

Long & Lean Prenatal Workout Review

That being said, I promised more pregnancy workout reviews, and I’ve got one for you today! I’ve been trying to change up my workouts so that I:

  1. Don’t get bored
  2. Am challenged
  3. Don’t get bored

This past week I’ve been doing Suzanne Bowen’s Long and Lean Prenatal Workout.

While I appreciate the workout, I MUCH prefer her Slim & Toned Prenatal Barre Workout.

…maybe it’s because it’s newer, or maybe it’s because it’s more barre-focused. But they’re both solid.

long and lean prenatal workout review

SO let’s talk about the Long and Lean Prenatal Workout, shall we?

The workout is broken into three segments:

  • abs,
  • standing, &
  • floor.

You can do all three for a full workout, or pick and choose (I’m a bit out of shape…GASP! So I’ve been picking and choosing). I also like that there’s a postnatal bonus workout, although I haven’t tried it.
But honestly, I’ve been focusing on the floor and standing workouts.

long and lean prenatal workout reviewRepetitive much?

Now, this DVD is a great option if you’re trying to tone or maintain your muscle mass-that being said, I found it tiresome and repetitive, especially without the use of a barre or support.

As someone who is squarely in my 2nd trimester, this was a deal-breaker, and I had to grab my barre a few times. I guess I just prefer a workout that moves and changes-this definitely does not.

Only have a few minutes?

That being said, Long and Lean is a great option if you’re short on time, tired, or just don’t have the energy for a more challenging workout. I can definitely say that this DVD will be challenging as I get even bigger, as it requires a LOT of core strength and balance to make sure that you don’t fall over. HA!

My biggest issue, though?

The abs section. This section is done almost entirely laying on your back-which, if you’re like me, is HORRIBLY uncomfortable. ICK. I did it once, and then went back to The Dia Method.

For my abs, it’s effective and NOT laying on my back, which, quite frankly, hurts like the dickens.

My overall impression?

Long & Lean is not a workout I’ll reach for regularly, but it’s not going to the donation bin, either…at least not until this little bean arrives.

What are your go-to preggo workouts? Leave me a comment below!


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