Tracy Anderson beginner workout

 rHappy Tuesday, y’all!! I’ve been MIA a LOT lately (partly due to my inability to load photos, which is driving me batty), and partly because, well, I’ve been busy! LOL Apparently so has one of my favorite fitness gurus because this new Tracy Anderson beginner workout is just what I was waiting for.

Tracy Anderson beginner workout!

There has been a lot going on…Smalls started PRESCHOOL (I’m so old!), and I’ve been busy working on my business (more on that coming soon), and trying to get back to fighting weight. That last part…not going so well. I have lost 20 pounds (YAY!), but that was all diet related (yet again…more coming soon), and I’ve recently found the time (thanks, preschool!) to exercise again. I started off with The Bar Method Beginner’s Workout.

Tracy Anderson beginner workout

(Promise the review is coming soon!! I have SO many video reviews to write!)

Quickly I found that I wasn’t challenged by Bar, so I dusted off Meta. OH.MY.LORD. Man, I did not realize just how out of shape I am! How humiliating! And I gave up. Yup, not proud of that, but it’s the truth.

BUT, yesterday, I started over. See, I found out some awesome news.

Tracy Anderson introduced Method for Beginners! Here’s my Tracy Anderson beginner workout review.

Tracy Anderson beginner workout - Method For Beginners Workout ReviewAND I LOVE IT. It’s just 30-minutes (totally doable), and it incorporates toning AND dance cardio in that time. Score!

I’ve always been at odds with dance cardio, but this I like! You spend about 15 minutes doing Tracy’s patented toning exercises with 3 lb. weights, 1.5 lb. wrist weights, and 2.5 lb ankle weights.

It’s intense but worth it. You actually wear the wrist and ankle weights during dance cardio, too. YEOWCH.

That being said, her instruction is surprisingly solid, she explains her Method and goes SLOW. Nothing more than 20 reps (which, if you’ve done her other workouts is quite small in that department!), and all done at a pace where anyone can keep up.

My goal is to rotate this with Tracy Anderson: Precision Toning for the rest of the month…then I’ll see about trying Meta again.

Tracy Anderson introduced Method for Beginners! Tracy Anderson beginner workout

What workout do you love right now?
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  1. Victoria on September 19, 2013 at 10:36 am

    Hi Brea,
    I am in Scotland and have just found your blog. I am mum to a four year old and a two year old and am also constantly trying to find a suitable health/fitness regime (although am failing miserably at the moment). After reading this I am inspired to try Tracy Anderson again. I have preordered the beginner DVD – it is not out in the UK til 23rd Dec!!! I will dig out the mat workout in the meantime and battle on through 🙂

    Victoria x

    • breefawn on September 19, 2013 at 11:41 am

      That’s great, Victoria! Keep me posted on your progress!! Her cardio intro comes out here in December. I’m on pins and needles! 🙂

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