Simple Outdoor Activities the Entire Family Can Enjoy

Finding simple outdoor activities for everyone in the family is a great way to move the bodies and make family memories. These outdoor activities are perfect for every age!

outdoor activitiesBring on the sunshine and warmer weather. While I “like” winter weather, I’m totally craving the sunshine right now. And thankfully Spring has sprung making that cabin fever go away…but honestly y’all, I’m so ready for summer.

Easy Outdoor Activities

The reason that I love summer so much? The entire family can get out of the house and have some physical activity with fun outdoor activities.

When you have younger kids like I do, playing outdoors is simply a MUST. If I were to allow the boys to play outside all day long, they literally would. Toss in some mud, dirt digging and stomping in puddles and they’d be in outdoor heaven.

BUT, just because they like to get dirty and roll around in it doesn’t mean that I like to! These outdoor activities are ones that everyone in the family can enjoy!

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Outdoor Activities

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Everyone in your family can enjoy these simple outdoor activities!

  • Puddle jumping

While the kids “may” intentionally jump into the puddles, you have your choice of what you want to do as an adult! After a big rainstorm, put on those rainboots and go find those puddles! Stomp in them, jump in them or oven them and challenge one another to see just how high you can make those puddles!

  • Silly game of tag

Who doesn’t love tag? Seriously, it’s one game that gets everyone’s legs pumping and running to and fro. (Plus, adults legs are longer so you may just have a chance to catch those fast little boogers!) Make a “base” that is a safe space and other than that, the rules are off!

  • Game of catch

The cool thing about playing catch is that you technically don’t need to have a ball and glove. If you can find something that you can throw (safely) in nature, pick it up and toss it. Pinecones, acorns…you get the point. Make a fun game out of counting how many times you and your kiddos can catch it without dropping!

  • Hide and Seek

Everyone loves a riveting game of hide and seek. If you have some fun trees, some hills or even some really cool secret spots that you don’t want anyone else to know about, get ready to wow the kids with your disappearing magic!

  • ISpy

Have you ever taken the time to look at what’s really right in front of you in nature? There are so many fun “ISpy” things that you can do when you’re outside. Set some boundaries and have fun exploring and pointing out things that even the smallest kiddo can identify! The game of ISpy can literally go on for hours, so consider packing up a picnic lunch as well to take with you along the way!


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Think back to your childhood. Throwback, y’all for sure. When is the last time that you drew your own hopscotch course and hopped around? All you need is some chalk, some balance, and a little rock to make this game a reality. Your kiddos might be super impressed with your ability to show off your hopscotching skills!

See how simple outdoor activities can be? There is literally something fun for everyone to do outdoors!

If your family is looking for a fun adventure that can happen just by stepping out the door, give these fun outdoor activities a try! You’ll be amazed at how fast the hours fly by when you’re making memories together in nature.

What is your favorite outdoor activity as a family?

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