Thoughts on the P.I.N.K. Fitness Workouts

So maybe you’ve heard of P.I.N.K. Fitness…it’s a workout that is based on “O Lifts”, or Olympic-style weight lifting. This is stuff you see those HUGE guys doing with bars loaded upwards of 500 pounds. They grunt and sweat and put the bar over their head…they’re supermen. And women. P.I.N.K. Fitness is based on the two O Lifts: the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. The system is meant to teach you both lifts over a 12-lesson period. You can either choose to complete the program in 1 month (3 workouts/week for 4 weeks), or you can stretch the system out over 12 weeks, doing the same workout 3 times/week. I am choosing to do this system over a month. I have currently finished workouts 1-4, and am very excited to do workout number 5 tomorrow, providing my knee feels better. So…down to business.

I really like the workouts so far, but I generally gravitate toward anything that involves lifting weights…I was skeptical at first, since the bar only weighs 5 pounds…but after the 4th workout I could definitely feel some soreness-which is good. Okay, so good points: the workouts are about 10-15 minutes in length, and you repeat the same circuit 3 times in a workout. If there are new moves (which seems to be the trend), then Debbie (the creator-check her out at teaches that move first and then goes into the rotations. Another bonus is that these workouts focus on different muscles and a different type of lifting than I am used to, which means that I will see results: YAY! Now the negatives: the program is only supposed to be used with it’s nutrition plan (which is good common sense, but excludes fruit, which I don’t like), and there’s NO CARDIO allowed. I have a hard time with this, especially since there is no other exercise allowed. I’m going to be honest: I do P.I.N.K. and combine it with Kettlenetics, FIRM, isometrics and running. I just like to workout! So I guess I’m not following P.I.N.K. to the letter, but I am enjoying it! 🙂

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