Weekly Workouts: Week 10

Guess what? I got my cast of last week! Which means that I’m semi-mobile again. It’s been 5 weeks since I broke my fibula at derby practice, and I am so glad to be done with that cast!

I have definitely lost some muscle tone, so I’m slowly working up to walking around the block still. I am surprised that it’s my foot that hurts and not my leg. I suppose that is because I haven’t walked on it in over a month, though.

I’m currently using one crutch, but trying to work on walking without it. Though I definitely don’t want to push myself and get hurt again.

And I have a little bit to worry about it since my Orthopedic Doctor said that I won’t be allowed back on skates until after the holidays. Better safe than sorry, huh? In the meantime, check out my weekly workouts!

Time to share my weekly workouts!


Workout: Walking on both feet around the living room

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake12247939_10203602703707815_8108547578360920366_o

Dinner: Italian Enchilada Stack


Workout: Stairs…okay, just up and down once, but it’s progress!

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Leftovers (that enchilada stack ROCKS!)


Workout: Down to 1 crutch and 25 steps each hour

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake12246906_10203596017380661_2920644678505312224_n

Dinner: Tuscan Chicken and vegetables


Workout: 4 sets of stairs!

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Chicken Delight with cauliflower rice


Workout: Upper body

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Italian Stuffed Pork Tenderloin and steamed broccoli12238233_10203616262766783_1843335304662821163_o


Workout: Gentle pilates workout

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Best Ever Burgers on gluten free buns with green beans


Workout: Rest day

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Honey Mustard Drumsticks with green salad

How did you move last week?

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