Weekly Workouts: Week 6

So I’ve got a bum leg-but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to keep up, right? Figuring out how to move was difficult-and I needed the clearance of my orthopedic doctor.

The last thing I want to do is injure myself worse and not heal for a long, long time. Speaking of which, I have a fun story for you.

So Ish decided that he wanted some sardines on Sunday night. No biggie…except he didn’t open them over the sink, no, he opened the can in the middle of the floor. And it spilled everywhere. He cleaned it up-like men will do.

Fast forward to Wednesday night, when Smalls needs help getting his dinner and I’m hobbling into the kitchen on my crutches…right into the sardine oil…or what was left of it. My crutches slid, my cast hit the floor, and I heard a POP. Not.Good.

I went back to my orthopedic doctor on Friday, and he took additional images, which determined that my leg was not worse! YAY! Okay…time for my weekly workouts, y’all.

Time to share my weekly workouts!


Workout: Seated upper body workout (remember “Sit & Be Fit” from PBS!?)

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Egg and sausage frittata with sautéed brussels sprouts


Workout: Chair Yoga

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Crockpot barbecue pork roast with sautéed brussels sprouts


Workout: Seated lower body workout

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Hard boiled eggs (2) with turkey sticks, ham squares (I have kids, obviously) and raw veggies

Dinner: Shake


Workout: Abs

Meals: Cleanse day


Workout: Gentle total body chair workout

Meals: Cleanse day


Workout: Abs

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Grilled flank steak with roasted root vegetables


Workout: Legs

Breakfast: Protein shake

Lunch: Protein shake

Dinner: Mediterranean chicken with artichoke hearts

How did you move last week?

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