The Best Waffle Maker for Chaffles

We have the ultimate list of the Best Waffle Maker for Chaffles! These waffle makers will have you enjoying chaffles in no time. #waffles #chaffles #lowcarb #keto #easy #best #breagettingfit

If you’re on a keto diet, odds are high you know what chaffles are, but in case I’m wrong: the key difference between chaffles and waffles is the primary ingredient, i.e. cheese and eggs (hence ch replacing w). Some recipes include additional ingredients, but the cheese and eggs duo is a constant. Chaffles skyrocketed in…

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Best Balance Boards for Standing Desks

Stay in shape with any of these Best Balance Boards For Standing Desks! They are great for using at your office at home or on the job. #balanceboards #best #standingdesk #desk #work #office #breagettingfit

When you’re sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day 5 days a week it’s pretty tough to keep up with an active lifestyle. If you don’t already have one, I strongly recommend you pick yourself up a standing desk. Seriously, they’re amazing! But just standing isn’t enough (and might even hurt your feet).…

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Best Fitness Tracker for a Small Wrist

Here is the Best Fitness Tracker for a Small Wrist. If you or someone you know is searching for a fitness tracker to fit their small wrist, this is for you. #fitness #health #fitnesstracker #smallwrist #best #breagettingfit

It’s hard to imagine how people kept track of all of the various details connected to their physical fitness before fitness trackers came on the scene. Instead of writing things down, creating charts where you kept track of weight loss or gains, now we have fitness trackers. Trackers come in different sizes and shapes are…

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Best Play Kitchens for Kids

Encourage Imaginative play with the best play kitchens for kids! They will have a BLAST playing with these kitchens and will be so happy. #kids #play #playkitchen #toys #imaginativeplay #breagettingfit

Play kitchens are a great way to get young kids interested in cooking and food prep. They also give already interested and “helpful” toddlers and children a safe place to play instead of being in the real kitchen. For most families, they’re kind of a playroom staple, so here are the best play kitchens for…

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Best Bathroom Scale for Heavy People

We have searched the internet for the Best Bathroom Scale for Heavy People. We have found many varieties and give you the scoop on each one. #bathroom #scale #heavy #best #breagettingfit

More than once, I’ve been nervous about stepping on a scale (especially the glass ones) and wondering if I’d break it. Then, after stepping on, I wasn’t even able to see the numbers! Well, you won’t have those problems ever again with these bathroom scales for heavy people, most of which even work if you’re…

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The Best Backyard Kiddie Pools for Summer

Your little ones will love the Best Backyard Kiddie Pools For Summer! They are a perfect way for your kiddo to have a blast while splashing the day away. #kiddie #pool #best #summer #toddler #kids #breagettingfit

If you have kids and a backyard, consider getting a backyard kiddie pool this summer. These miniature pools let your kids play outside and cool off without having to leave home. Most of them are big enough to support multiple children, some have cool interactive features, and some even have enough room for you! You…

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The Best Dorm Room Workout Equipment

Check out The Best Dorm Room Workout Equipment for your stay at school. Just because you are living in the dorm doesn't mean you can't work out. #workout #dorm #collage #school #fit #healthy #breagettingfit

Staying fit with the student lifestyle definitely isn’t easy. You’re usually strict on budget and space, and getting to the gym isn’t always the most convenient option, especially if your campus doesn’t have one! If you want to stay fit, without having to skip on your studies consider looking into some dorm room-friendly workout equipment! …

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Best Fitbit For Kids

Keep your children active with the Best Fitbit For Kids. This guide has everything you need to know when choosing a Fitbit. #kids #active #activekids #fitbit #exercise #breagettingfit

We all know kids aren’t staying as active as they should nowadays! So, if fitness trackers can motivate adults to be more fit, then why not kids too? Here’s the best Fitbit for kids so you can help get your little ones more active. Best Fitbit for Kids I don’t know about your house, but…

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11 Healthy Family Activity Ideas for When It’s Raining

These Healthy Family Activity Ideas for When It's Raining will get your moving and grooving. Don't sit around all day! Get out and enjoy the rain. #rain #activities #family #healthy #rainyday #easy #creative #breagettingfit

“Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.” No matter how many times we chant this childhood nursery rhyme, we really just can’t seem to control the weather. Just because it’s a wet day outside doesn’t mean your family can’t have fun, though! These healthy family activity ideas for when it’s raining will make it…

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Easy Lemon Cake Homemade Sugar Scrub

This Easy Lemon Cake Homemade Sugar Scrub makes your skin feel so silky and smooth. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself! It smells amazing too. #sugarscrub #diy #homemade #scrub #bodyscrub #easy #simple #exfoliating #breagettingfit

This Lemon Cake Homemade Sugar Scrub is scrumptious. It’s a super simple recipe (my favorite!) and can be put together in less than 5 minutes! My hands always feel amazing and hydrated after using this sugar scrub. Plus, it’s a beautiful combination of cake and lemon, so you know it smells incredible! Super Easy Lemon…

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