Snowflake DIY Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Looking for a way to bring the spa directly into your home? These Essential Oil Shower Steamers are one DIY recipe that can make that happen.  Can I let you in on a little secret of mine? Sometimes…I’ll take a shower to just have some “me” time. Okay, there…I said it. It’s out in the open for all to judge. In a hurry? Skip to the recipe.

Snowflake DIY Essential Oil Shower Steamers

BUT, when you really stop and think about it. it’s actually a pretty great idea, right?  No noise, hot water feels like a spa day, and time to myself. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, friends. There are so many OTHER reasons that I love taking a shower as well (hygiene, right?)…and I’ve found that my heart beats for these Snowflake essential oil Shower Steamers. I love how they smell amazing and clear out my sinuses when I’m feeling stuffed up. 

Snowflake DIY Essential Oil Shower Steamers

I call these my arometherapy shower steamers to cleanse my stuffy head in the winter. 

Plus, they’re made using essential oils, which I L-O-V-E. Seriously, who doesn’t? 

And I love y’all so much, that I’m gonna share this recipe that’s so near and dear to my heart with you!  Give this shower steamer recipe a try today! 

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How To Make Essential Oil Shower Steamers  

I told you this recipe was simple, right? 

Ingredients For for Essential Oil Shower Steamers

I like to go all out when I’m making these and be as festive as possible, but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to! You can seriously use whatever molds you want, and even change up the scent of the essential oil as well.

Directions for Essential Oil Shower Steamers

shower steamers aromatherapy - Snowflake DIY Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Pour half of the cornstarch (3/4 cup) into a metal or glass mixing bowl.  Count out your drops and add 20 drops of peppermint essential oil and 2 Tablespoons of water and stir. (Seriously, don’t do this when distracted!)

Add 1 tablespoon of witch hazel and then stir again.
Pick some of the mixture up in your hand and squeeze it. (It feels so mushy and good, y’all!) If it holds its shape, it is ready to transfer to the mold. (and that also means you followed the directions really great!)  If not, add an additional tablespoon of water and stir again. Keep going until you get that consistency. 
homemade shower fizzies - Snowflake DIY Essential Oil Shower Steamers
Once your mixture passes the “squeeze test,” transfer to the snowflake molds, pressing down firmly to pack the mixture into each mold.  (Really push down and get it packed in there….you want it to really take the shape of the mold)

If you want blue snowflake Essential Oil Shower Steamers:

how to make shower steamers - Snowflake DIY Essential Oil Shower SteamersIf you decide that you do want to make blue snowflakes, add 4-5 drops of blue soap colorant (of course if you want it to be a darker blue, just add more drops) to a bowl/container with 2 tablespoons of water.
 Next, add the colored water to the remaining cornstarch and mix. Add 20 drops of peppermint essential oil and stir well. (Yes, these are 20 MORE drops!)
(This process is the same process as above as you are trying to get that perfect texture to put into your molds.) Add in 1 tablespoon of witch hazel.  Test the mixture to see if it clumps in your hand after squeezing it. (seriously, so much fun!)  
If so, move and pack the mix into the silicone molds.  If not, add an additional tablespoon of water and stir.  Repeat the “squeeze test.”  If it stays together after squeezing the mixture, you are ready for the snowflake molds. If not, add an additional tablespoon of water. 
Firmly pack the mixture into each mold and freeze for one hour. (freezing is key here!)
shower steamers tablets - Snowflake DIY Essential Oil Shower Steamers
Make certain when it’s time that you gently pop out each snowflake shower steamer from its silicone mold as you don’t want them to break. Once they are out,  allow to air dry overnight. Store in an airtight container. 

How To Use These Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Place 1-2 snowflake steamers in the corner of your shower, away from the mainstream of water. (That way, they’ll last longer if the water is constantly raining down on them!)  The steam from the shower will activate the smell and aroma of peppermint, causing your shower to be full of peppermint goodness!

And just like that, you’ve created your own shower steamers that you can enjoy (and remake!) any time that you want!

Snowflake DIY Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Have you ever made your own essential oil shower steamers before?



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