Weekly Workouts: Week 1

Last week I promised myself I would start updating y’all with my workouts and my meals. So, here I am…for better or for worse, I’m going to share what I ate and how I moved last week.

Time to share my weekly workouts!

I am loving the results I’m getting since I invested in Cathe’s Ripped With HIIT program. I’ve been a huge fan of hers for years-but I got rid of her workouts when I got rid of my step. Oops!

That being said, I have been loving my HIIT workouts, but felt that I needed more guidance, and they’re a nice compliment to my yoga practice. I’m currently {loosely} using her 60-day calendar and loving it. You should join me!


Workout: Cathe’s Plyo HIIT, Namaste Earth Practice

Breakfast: 3 eggs, scrambled eggs with fried avocado and chicken apple sausage

Lunch: Paleo Chocolate Shake and fiesta slaw with Paleo Mayo

Dinner: Paleo fried rice with ham


Workout: 23 minutes on the Elliptical 10% incline/resistance 3

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and chicken apple sausage

Lunch: Paleo Chocolate Shake

Dinner: Kalua Pig and some green beans. So.Freaking.Good.


Workout: Quick yoga flow, and chasing The Baby during Smalls’ gymnastics practice (hey-it counts!)

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Roast turkey and blackberries

Dinner: Smoothie King with no turbinado


Workout: Cathe’s Lower Body HIITcathe HIIT

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with chicken apple sausage

Lunch: Dunn Brother’s club sandwich with gluten free bread

Dinner: Shake


Workout: ummmmmm…

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and chicken apple sausage

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Mongolian Beef and rice


Workout: 2.5 miles on the elliptical

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: “Fried” chicken (I am totally 110% obsessed with this air fryer! Holy crispy skin, Batman!) and steamed veggies

Dinner: Crab and avocado salad with house mayo


Workout: Rest day. Everyone needs one.

Brunch: Paleo pizza casserole

Dinner: Baked stuffed avocados with turkey

How did you move last week?

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