25 Easy DIY Lip Balm And Scrubs

If you’re tired of spending money at the store buying beauty and lip products, it’s time to make your own. These easy DIY lip balm and scrubs are a simple solution that is actually fun to make. 

What I love most about these simple homemade ideas is that they also make really great gift ideas as well. If you’re looking for something to give to your family and friends, there are so many great choices on this list to choose from! 

And if you’re worried that you aren’t crafty enough to make any of these items, don’t be. I can assure you that these are all totally doable no matter what your crafting or skill level is! 

25 Easy DIY Lip Balm And Scrubs

It’s time to take control of your DIY projects and make these a priority. You’ll be so happy that you did! 

Who knew that crayons could be so useful? Try it once and you’re going to be hooked.

Save some money and make your own copycat DIY lip balm. Your lips will be silky smooth! 

There’s a reason that shea butter is so popular for the skin. (it’s also great in lip balm form as well!)

Even though the scent is pumpkin spice, you can make and use this any time of the year. 

Wait until you lick your lips after putting on this one! It’s so good! (although, it’s not recommended to lick too much!)

If you love the idea of an all-natural lip balm, why not give this one a try? 

The smell of lavender is always a great choice as it calms the nerves and smoothes the lips.

If you forget your mints or gum at home, this mint lip balm has you covered. 

Have you ever tried a lip scrub? It’s actually really cool and fun to use. 

I love the scent of this one. It’s like summer and happiness, all in one. 

Do you like Pina Colada? If so, put this simple DIU lip sugar scrub on your radar. 

Save this one for the holiday season as it’s a perfect choice. 

If you love the taste and scent of bubblegum, you can’t possibly skip this one! 

More honey on your lips means more sticky goodness. 

Talk about a tropical paradise on your lips! 

If you’re wanting to give your lips a little bit of color, why not use this tinted lip gloss?

Do you get cold sores here and there? This DIY treatment might help! 

With just 3 ingredients, you’re going to fall in love with the ease of making this lip gloss.

Everyone loves the taste of cotton candy, right? 

This simple recipe is one that you’re going to find yourself making over and over again. 

This is not only effective and useful but it’s adorable as well. 

Another day, another perfect time to make your own peppermint lip scrub. 

I love the smell of coconut! This lip scrub hits it out of the park! 

Have you ever combined lavender and vanilla? You’re going to love the outcome. 

Brown sugar rocks this awesome lip scrub.

See how many choices there are for DIY lip balms and scrubs? You’ll have no problem at all finding several that you’re going to love to make! 

And remember to share some with your family and friends. They’ll love the thoughtful gift! 

Do you have a DIY lip balm from the list above that you’re super excited to make? 

While you’re at it, you aren’t going to want to miss these ideas too:


Making your own easy DIY lip balm and scrubs is so much fun! Plus, it feels so good to use your newly made items and they smell amazing too. #lipbalm #bodyscrubs #diy #doityourself #homemade #easy #simple #breagettingfit

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