8 Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Active When They Can’t Play Outside

We all know how important physical activity is to our kids’ health. And while playing outside is one of the best ways to encourage physical activity in your kids, sometimes heading outside isn’t an option. Whether the cold winter weather is keeping your kids inside or a rainy day has ruined your outdoor plans, sometimes you need to get your kids moving without going outside. These eight easy ways to keep your kid active indoors will get them moving no matter where they’re playing.

Dance Party

Do your kids love to dance? Start streaming your favorite dance music and encourage your kids to get moving by having a dance party. Ask them some of their favorite songs and include their music in the mix to really get them excited about dancing inside.

If a plain dance party isn’t exciting enough for them, why not try a freeze dance party instead? Start the music as usual, but turn the song off from time to time. Each time the music stops, your kids must freeze in place and hold their position until the song starts again.

Swat the Balloon

It’s a known fact that kids love balloons. So, giving them an indoor game to play with a balloon is sure to be a hit. Blow up a balloon or three, then challenge your kids to keep the balloons from hitting the floor. They can use their hands to keep the balloons floating or give them different objects, like a fly swatter or wooden spoon, to help them keep the balloons from falling. When they start to think the game is getting too easy, add in some obstacles, like a fan or more balloons, to keep them on their toes.

Obstacle Course

Get your kids running, jumping and climbing through the house by creating an obstacle course with items from around the rooms. Use furniture for climbing over and under, pillows for jumping over, or turn a cardboard box into a tunnel. Then, challenge your kids to move through the obstacle course and time them. Let them keep doing the course to improve their time or change up the course each time to make things a little bit more interesting.

Crab Walking

Pretend you’re crabs at the beach and get your kids moving at the same time with this fun game. To walk like a crab, your kids can put their hands and feet on the floor with their stomach facing up. They can move forward, backward, or side to side. And you can make the game even more interesting by challenging them to race each other or complete challenges, like climbing up the stairs or seeing who can walk like a crab the longest without falling down.

Animal Activities

While crab walking is extra fun, there are tons of other animal activities your kids can do when they’re playing indoors. The next time your kids need a little extra physical activity, give them some of these fun animal activities to do:

  • Hop lie a frog
  • Waddle like a penguin
  • Slither like a snake
  • Swing like a monkey
  • Crawl like a lion


Even if your kids have never had a gymnastics lesson in their life, there are a few gymnasts moves they can do at home. Help them do headstands by leaning their body against a wall or piece of furniture. Lay a few blankets on the floor so they can do summersaults. Or lay a line of pillows on the floor to act as a balance beam for your kids to walk across.

Pillow Fight

This fun game isn’t just for sleepovers! Get your kids up and moving with a classic pillow fight. Just make sure to use soft pillows and set a few ground rules (no hitting in the face, no hard hits) to keep everyone from accidentally getting hurt.

Play a Game

A classic game of Simon Says or Follow the Leader is a simple way to get your kids moving when they’re stuck inside. To play Simon Says, pick one child to be Simon. Simon tells the others different things to do (stand on one foot, touch your nose, etc.) but they kids can only do the commands when the leader says “Simon says” beforehand. Similarly, in Follow the Leader, one child leads a parade and the other kids must mimic the movements the leader is making.

Race to Clean Up

This fun game is a win-win. It gets your kids active and gets your house clean at the same time. Set a timer and tell your kids to have a race to see who can clean up their room the fastest. The kids will move as fast as they can to pick up all the clutter. Just make sure you have a prize ready for the one who’s the fastest cleaner!

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